8GB Sony Xperia M4 Aqua comes with only 1.26GB usable memory

08 June, 2015
The 8GB variant only has 1.2GB usable memory left for the user for apps and other data.

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  • gordon

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2016This is the worst phone I have ever owned the memory is pat... moreThis has got to b the worst phone in the world ill never buy anything Sony again

  • Anonymous

This phone is totally useless. It has so little memory it can't even accept it's own update. Very little can be transferred to the memory card, even after you have paid out for that. Sony are not interested in the problem I have contacted them many times, but just get told (slightly more politely) 'tough luck'. I will never buy Sony again, not just because the phone is rubbish, but also because of their poor customer service. If anybody has a solution to the problem I would be interested to hear it, although for me that information might now be too late, as I have currently lost my phone. (Blessing in disguise?)

  • cookie

spoke to son who claim there sould be at least 3 gb left after android os. I upgraded to marshmallow to get the sd card incorporated in the total memory, however this isn't an option as on other models.

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone I have ever owned the memory is pathetic,Sony should be liable under the trade descriptions act,sold as 8gb when its hardly 1.5gb I will never purchsse another Sony phone after owming this piece of crap.

  • AnonD-587438

I've had this phone for not even a week and I hate it. They've locked the bootloader, made it impossible to root, can't use the adoptable storage feature of Android M and can't even transfer apps to the SD card meaning there can only be about 20 user apps installed at any time. To think this thing is worth over $300 outright here in Australia... I'm going to be selling this Xperia secondhand and use that money to buy a new LCD and digitizer for my Galaxy S5, at least it's rooted and I can use custom ROMs, not to mention install as many apps as I want/need. I really wish Sony had of thought this M4 and apparently most of their other models through...

  • TK

I cant download any app even though i have 712 MB as free internal memory. This is really frustrating especially after i had to delete and move a lot of importan apps and information to my SD memory but still cannot download new apps.

I hope you can assist, this is not good for the sony brand

  • Luu

This device is perfect, but... only the 1.26 GB out of 8GB is usable... Can Sony company make this device with at least 4 GB usable memory?

  • Doga

What is the price of this xperia m4 8gb can anyone tell me

  • simphiwe

mmhhhh this total not actually useless
what is 1.2 GB means you cant download games
sony do somthing your device are very goog but when comes to space is to limited

  • Anonymous

hmm... so they can do what others not. If i have a candy factory and i write to the package 1000g. But this package have only 200g. Can i say: it was 1000g just my workers did eat 800g ? No. they will hitting my butt till get red. So why they can do and why have no law for this Fake information like 8gb. because this actually only 1.2gb. Will not surprise me when some Chinese company will make phone with 1TB built in memory. but you can use only 64gb from that. terrible lawless world to "elite".

  • Dave

8 gb model in the UK has 2.82 GB unlocked just checked.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-110055, 08 Jun 2015OHHH,,, the big problem Don't you mean "small problem"?

  • xjdjdh

The world is going back with the Sony's cheapest tricks!!

  • xjdjdh

AnonD-59657, 09 Jun 2015This is the most stupid phone ever launched by Sony! Just ... moreYa they play users even in high end models, hate Sony all the time!

  • xjdjdh

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2015True :-) even with the 5gb internal moto e is useless. Sony is useless

  • roger the builder :)

Why are all you man crying for ? the phone has rubbish internal memory yes and you can only play tetris 3 times before it crashes and kills your uncles dog buttttttt the phone is alright, even though it is like going to JD Sports to buy a pair of trainers and only getting the laces :P

  • AnonD-63308

Epic fail. Pity those who buy the 8GB version before knowing this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2015this is stupid, its like buying a van and you can only fit ... moreOr buying a house that turns out only an ant can fit in. Lol

  • Anonymous

this is stupid, its like buying a van and you can only fit 2 people.

  • Ronny

Not surprised with Sony's stupidity. Pass..