Doogee S6000 reportedly packs in a whopping 6000mah battery

09 June, 2015
The smartphone is expected to launch in August this year, and carry a price tag of $140.

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  • AnonD-476988

AnonD-447366, 03 Oct 2015I shopped around the whole internet and decided to buy myself a ... moreHi, I'm sorry but could you tell me what is the doogee model do you have? I have a doogee valencia dg800 and its battery is terrible, and it cost me 113€.

  • AnonD-389845

Should have had 2 gig of ram

  • AnonD-447366

I shopped around the whole internet and decided to buy myself a Doogee phone...paid 89€ delivered from Amazon, battery lasts 2 days, its great! I bought my mother one as well. My friends have iphones, samsungs, you name the brand, Doogee phone is a very good alrounder. Value for money

  • Anonymous

I have a cheap doogee phone and it lasts about a day with constant WiFi up and being used on one battery 1/3 the size, so I think it will be okay. but it also charges fast apparently. I really don't undertstand why everyone cares sooooo much about display and the speed because the resolution is high enough so that any higher would make very little difference and the speed of the phone is fine unless the most important thing you do with your phone is look at benchmark scores. For 200 or less it is really good I think.

  • AnonD-389805

Most phones from these cheap Chinese companies have horrendous battery life because of poor software optimisation since usually they just get a very simple UI overlaid and put no real effort into making it work best with the hardware.
Now Samsung are very good at this optimisation and could probably easily get the same battery life from a 4000ma battery.

  • Anonymous

Johnjohn, 10 Jun 2015Peopa re praising that it has a large battery but failt o see th... moreBut I don't read a single 'flagship' word written anywhere on the article. So you may be right to point out the specs are sub-standard. As indicated by the author's description of the company, isn't to assume and shouldn't we rather assume this to be a low or mid-range phone by today's standards? Even the price tag is already indicative that this isn't on current average flagship specs

  • AnonD-389091

AnonD-338356, 09 Jun 2015Is it just me, or this phone looks a lot like Xiaomi MI4 ? That is Mi Note, unless its a 95% copy of it.

  • Johnjohn

Peopa re praising that it has a large battery but failt o see the specs included...

- 1GB of RAm (Too low by today's standards, especially since it runs on what Android? 2GB at least.
- Low end SoC chip clocked at a low speed. Watch the performance of this phone dip greatly in the future.
- Low resolution screen not even 1080p for a phone of this size. No thank you.
- Looks like an iphone. *sigh* Extremely unoriginal.

Not sure what else but doesn't seem like a phone that'll draw much power at all and be extremely sub par to the rest.

  • PuroDoraiba

Nj, 09 Jun 2015Mediatek = Poor chipset . . . need snapdragon for successYou must really be living in the past to say that, bro.

Anyone know the radio frequencies inside?
3G everywhere, 4gLTE only in Asia/Europe but not in the
USA market?
My Mate2, has a 4,000mAH battery, and I can get 2 days easy on heavy use. This thing might make it the entire week!

  • Anonymous

I have a 6000MAh battery on my LG G3 and I get about 12 hours SoT. This phone should get even more because of such small power draw with low end SoC and tiny resolution.

  • Sam

Nj, 09 Jun 2015Mediatek = Poor chipset . . . need snapdragon for successYou mean the same Snapdragon which makes my friends one M8 hot enough to make bacon and eggs?
I think you're still in 2013.

  • AnonD-402477

I read doggie at first... :) ....nevertheless nice battery backup

  • mohamed

Wow wonderful I like this one. Very useful phone

  • jogi

ram is law I think 2gb ram ferfect .......

  • Darklord

6000mah battery ??
Wow that's sounds mean Doogee.

  • AnonD-398383

YES. THIS is where the next arms race needs to occur. I'm so completely fed up with the push for sub-7 mm-thick phones. Give me a phone with a gigantic battery. 3000 mAh really should be the minimum these days for a ~5 inch flagship. I should be seeing more 4000+ mAh phablets, as well. I'm really thinking hard about buying the Galaxy Note 5 this year. Here's hoping it has a monster battery.

  • Anonymous

The processor is 6753....not 6735

  • Anonymous

If only it had a QHD screen

  • John

Would have been great if it had had 2 GB of RAM and an external SD Card port !