Business flagship Nokia E72 starts shipping, it was about time

16 November, 2009
Nokia just announced that the highly anticipated Nokia E72 has just started shipping. That means that you will be able to find the new business flagship of the Finnish company at your local stores in a few days time...

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  • Anonymous

Fizzy To All The Fan, 16 Nov 2009We shut truely punish nokia by not bying this sins they made us ... moreStraighten out your spelling and grammar.

  • eXuser

how's the camera quality???

  • jazz

finally thank god...
been waiting for 3 months

  • Anonymous

Someone uploaded on the youtube a video for unboxing the E72 and showed its invoice with amount of $460.

  • Luck


  • Ronaldo818

This phone will be available in Cyprus but what price will it retail for?

  • Anonymous

hyde, 16 Nov 2009it's late... i've using it about a week ago.. but it still too... moreWhere did u buy it frm man??wht price??hws the performance??i hope its gd...

  • bikerrich

how about 3g 1700 for us u.s.a. tmo subscribers. other than that do i really want to give up my very well functioning and nice designed e66 for this??

  • sheriff

awesome has seriously brought some peace in my life.....when is it gonna come to india.

  • Fizzy To All The Fan

We shut truely punish nokia by not bying this sins they made us wait for so freaking long (not that it wil realy mather sinds they make the most money out of cunsumers that don't look at phones like we do) lol but realy guys i'm geting so tired of nokia's crap jees onely thing i need is my nimbuzz to make free calls..

  • Ness

yessss oohhh my GODDDDD I'm so so so happy now cuz I was waiting for this announcement for a months :D:D:D:D i"m soo happy and I believe that also other Waiters are happy nowww:D

4ever E72

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2009Nice Smartphone.. hope Nokia make new Smartphone like E61i large... moreDon't forget large RAM

  • elina

the price in indonesia is us $ 530..quite expensive

  • rino

how much???

  • audemars

can't wait for the review :D

  • Michael

got mine last week, already having software issues..
*long press contact adding dont work.
*freezes when you exit out of email(gmail) can not re-enter.
*does not send sms properly when you browsing web and get a sms and reply it stays in outbox.
*can not use auto focus when optical navi key is turned off.
*start up abit slow and general slow software.

lets hope the dust dont build up like all the previous nokias iv had.

  • Zobi

Should make one with AWS 3G like N900. I would buy for sure.

  • mahendra

I hope there will be some improvement on mail client. Have tried Nokia Email , and found it to not good. Some thing like Blackberry will be a better option.

  • Ahmad

Hi everyone, anybody got any idea of when will e72 start shipping in pakistan??? and what price they are goin to charge???

  • hyde

it's late...
i've using it about a week ago..
but it still too late for the customer..