HTC One M9 update improves camera and battery life

10 June, 2015
Beginning today, the new firmware for the device will roll out to users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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  • Anonymous

S6 Killer now !!!

  • AnonD-247648

Your too late HTC, most of us was head to apple or samsung.
please be ready yourself while launching new product instead of provide ur customer with cook software.

  • Anonymous

Great news htc thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2015Didn't expect this. Hopefully they keep it up because both areas... moreFirst part was sarcasm of course

  • Anonymous

Didn't expect this. Hopefully they keep it up because both areas could probably still improve a good bit. More so the camera

  • Anonymous

Can someone please tell me if it actually makes the camera decent? and the battery life too ?

  • AnonD-405083

Just received the update. In from UK and on EE. Hopefully it will make a difference now when taking pictures

  • AnonD-191847

Really nice from HTC, proving they care about their customers after the purchase and working continuously to make the device better in spite of not-so-great sale numbers.

  • Ramsey

Can you please do a review of before and after comparing the camera??

  • RHA

Too late htc...ur m9 is a failure