HTC stock drops to 2005 levels, nearly 50% down since M9 launch

11 June, 2015
The company's revised forecast for Q3 caused a big drop in stock price, stopped by exchange rules.

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  • chapman

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2015No actually, BE DIFFERENT. If you make one good thing (i.e. the... moregood,perfec,yes

  • Schalke.fc

HTC. .one or another dae. .it was sure to hapen. .bcuz of your lack of marketing xpert. .plus u have forgot that. . .in this world middle class people are more than those crorepatis. . .what is the used of such phone which cost 40,000rs. .which is the salary of a comon man per month. .he wil hapi to have a phone 4m micromax wich offer better feature in 15k . .then ua. . .even your mid range phone r totali a jerk in front of xiaomi, micromax,motorola,microsoft etc. .wich offer budget friendly phone than your useles mid range phone. . .TRY TO MAKE MID RANGE PHONE MORE WITH BETTER SPECIFICATION. . .THAN THOSE HIGH END PHONE WHICH HARDLY PEOPLE BUY. . .otherwise. .your future wil b more darker, worst then nw. . .

  • AnonD-251095

Fugged big time, 11 Jun 2015The flagship is a rip off of their old version, are they drunk o... moreSame thing can be said for most other manufacturers.

  • Zed

The m9 didn't rectify the flaws of the m8! The m8 was one of the best phones I ever had! Except for the camera. All HTC had to do was nail the camera and not use the snapdragon 810 and the m9 would have been a winner with an inclusion of a finger print scanner

  • LLL

Many are blaming poor sales of One M9, and in turn are blaming M9's performance (be it battery life or camera). But we haven't known the effect of the most recent software update said to improve battery life and camera. What I wish is for GSMA to really update their M9 review to be fair. Afterall there are two software updates that already took place, so why not?

  • Fugged big time

The flagship is a rip off of their old version, are they drunk or what? How can they expect to sell it like Hermes Birkin?

  • Anonymous

Htc's failure is always said to be of poor marketing. That's not tcrue Marketing alone can't sell. The reason actually is lack of innovation poor and asymmetric design on the front especially the speaker grills bezels and so.

  • Anonymous

byebye, 11 Jun 2015HTC lost it - they didnt listen to everyone. There was no innova... moreExactly! Back when only Samsung was the only serious Android competitor, it was okay to purposely leave out features as a way to save cost and still be competitive. However, will all these chinese brands out that actually both outperform HTC's products, come with more features, better battery life, AND at a lower cost; HTC decides to still do things the old ways by making compromises on their flagship phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-230517, 11 Jun 2015Don't try to be too different otherwise you will be treated like... moreNo actually, BE DIFFERENT. If you make one good thing (i.e. the HTC One), and then try to milk it by basically reusing the design for multiple successors and other products, then obviously the public will lose interest. It's the same thing with their OS. HTC Sense isn't anything bad, but it's been the same for years with only slight tweeks. Look at competitors like Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, and all the latest chinese startups. They actually make significant changes and sometimes complete overhauls to their software.

  • AnonD-230517

Don't try to be too different otherwise you will be treated like htc #lesson!!!!

  • AnonD-365011

Haplok, 11 Jun 2015In my opinion M9 still wins on looks alone. Although M7 was the ... moreIn Poland, is HTC doing better or Samsung?

  • AnonD-387086

Very high cost for nothing good....this was going to happen... Htc never learned from past experience

  • neo

love HTC but the M9 was a Hugh disappointment. this is what it looks like when a company shoots itself in the leg. holding on to my M8 and giving you the benefit of the doubt that you will redeem yourself HTC

  • AnonD-304028

They never learn from mistakes...

  • Common Sense

Let's put it to common sense
What is HTC now?
We have Mainland Chinese brands on the loose and no one's taking them seriously
So much for HTC for being the first mover in the Android scene

  • byebye

HTC lost it - they didnt listen to everyone. There was no innovation on the handset. It isnt really that hard to build and design a decent handset - it is the finance and corporate tossers that say cut that out, compromise on that, blah blah blah. Then you end up with a phone that is half of what it could be. Also their approach to supporting existing devices, improved, but still a sour taste in ones mouth.

  • Haplok

AnonD-365011, 11 Jun 2015HTC M9 is a nice~looking phone. But comparing it to S6 Edge, I p... moreIn my opinion M9 still wins on looks alone. Although M7 was the most beautifull phone ever.

But the camera is (again) a dissapointment. So is the far worse battery life then M8.
I'd buy an M8 with a good camera - that's all they needed to do for me. In all other aspects it was pretty much a perfect phone. The performance was more then good enough for anything I could throw its way.
But no, the camera is only slightly improved in M9, but the phone overheats and battery backup is down by 30%. Oh, and also its 50% more expensive in Poland then M8 was.

  • Noel

I have always loved HTC...but after a long time of me and countless others preaching against Huge bezels, Black Logo bar, Meager Batteries and Sub par camera etc...with HTC not listening, this is what they get. I feel very SAD it has come to this.
The QUESTION IS...CAN HTC RECOVER FROM THIS??? I think they can...but it will be a though going.
They will really really have to WOW us all with a irresistible COMPACT 5.2"-5.5" GHD screen device with a Monster Battery (4000-5000mAh..if many unknown Chinese OEMS can in devices

  • Skromnia

HTC's downfall began with the wrong chip set on the One X, continued with the hardware issues of the One X+, then the purple tint camera on the M7, then the same 4mpix camera on the M8 and finished with the "same" M9.
Oneplus 2 and iPhone 6s are coming so farewell HTC.

  • AnonD-8044

ash, 11 Jun 2015their problem is they shoot them selves in the feet, like the on... moreYep your right.