Sony confirms Xperia Z3+ overheats, promises software fix

12 June, 2015
Both the Z3+ and the Z4 have been reported to suffer from overheating issues these past few days.

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  • islanders

xperia series have the same software issues since the xperia z1 and sony keeps ignoring them

  • Anonymous

AnonD-54819, 13 Jun 2015Name me a device that doesnt heat, my sgs3 after 4.3 update bu... moreUsing the s3 and its fine but saying the s3 burns more than any 810 equipped phone is a joke

  • NikB78

vikass17 learn the difference between "heats" and "overheats". Yes, your S3 heats, but does it force close apps?

  • AnonD-54819

Name me a device that doesnt heat, my sgs3 after 4.3 update burned my finger, my fingers were hurting even when i was not using it, you could feel the heat without touching the phone, even when it was not used from hours, sony xperia z ultra heats while, browsing, playing and charging but only 70% compared to s3, personally i dont think any phone can heat more than my s3.

  • wanderer

Billyj, 12 Jun 2015Everything is a software fix these days, my cat hates me, but wa... morelol

  • Sam Cheong

I strongly believe that Qualcomm will get fail soon!

  • Anonymous

exynos always ftw.... :)

  • AnonD-233508

B1lt, 12 Jun 2015dont understand.. how software fix can fix bad processor :/ redu... moreMy words exactly!

  • AnonD-398754

Sony should have use the exynos 7420.

  • Mick

For me Qualcomm is becoming ridiculous. Since the first device g flex2 there was no official statement from this company. I got the impression that Sony and all others were left alone to solve this big failure on their own. I was so excited to hv the 810 so I bought the flex2 at is release, But sent it back after a week. Again!!!! To all who don't can't fix a major hardware problem with software patches. And what is really annoying me now is the communication to public of Qualcomm. Do they think customers are too stupid to realize who's fault it is??? Yea, sorry u lost a true Fan.

  • ICE

Thank you Sony. But some here will still deny it...

  • Anonymous

The dragon spits fire!!

There's a possibility that they'll gonna undervolt the cpu and gpu upon a small update..rooting can solve that one..

  • Anonymous

B1lt, 12 Jun 2015dont understand.. how software fix can fix bad processor :/ redu... moreWho cares, we who live real life performance but only iPhones anyway.

  • Anonymous

Haven't visited this site for weeks but nothing is new, Sony Mobile is still marching towards the abyss, willingly and with open eyes, nothing grows in their tracks. So expert in failures

  • B1lt

dont understand.. how software fix can fix bad processor :/ reducing power its not fix. Specialy if u pay lots of $ for flagship performance device.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully under S820 shows a strong comeback

at least you can water-cool the z3+ because of the ip certification :p

  • matt00112233

well it isn't called snap"dragon" for nothing... it spits fire lool

  • tefa

the dirty war begin. made by Google

  • Anonymous

What kinda BS review did you make then, its got "we are controlled by sony" all over it :s