Samsung Galaxy S6 suffers from data toggle disappearing issue

15 June, 2015
Mobile Data toggle switch Quick Settings elopes by itself and doesn't return for Galaxy S6.

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  • Anonymous

Go to Galaxy Apps and download Good Lock. It will give you the mobile data toggle as well as other features and a new lock screen. It will restart your phone (only once at setup) after you start the app.

  • dgostyna


  • dgostyna

I have tried downloading quickpanel rector but the file can't be read, what do i do
Anyone please help

  • Arshad

I purchased last week Samsung Galaxy S6 DUOS and found that Mobile Data toggle is not working. It's neither showing icon when I enable mobile data nor internet working.

I was not expecting such stupidity from SAMSUNG as I preferred Samsung Galaxy S6 DUOS over IPhone 6S due to dual sim, but now feeling regret of it.

  • Me

My fake s6 can't allow me use mobile data and app sharing from other Samsung devices

  • Akam Shwani

Same problem here, thanks, I searched for days on the web and couldnt find a solution!!

  • Not Genuine S6

My Fake Galaxy S6 (Copy of S6) has no issue so far, i got DATA TOGGLE as problems at all.

  • firasj

Im getting similar problem with a samsung alpha which i bought in november.

unlike s6 models The mobile data toggle appears in the notification panel but then it disappears from the screen and it doesnt appear near the top of the screen, even when its switched on from the notification menu. and ofcourse there is no internet connection. Ive been getting lots of troubles like reception problem, Wifi with this samsung line of phones...taking it to samsung service repairs 3 times also did not resolve the problem

  • Giov

PMB, 19 Jun 2015Samsung fixed the bug by adding a app in its galaxy app store ca... moreThank you very, very much for this info!

  • Anonymous

i'm missing my internet icon. can it be restored?

  • PMB

Samsung fixed the bug by adding a app in its galaxy app store called "quickpanel restore" try it. PMB

  • Kenthinks

Go to samsung apps store download QuickPanel Restore then viola your notification panel restored

  • Jay

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2015Just reset quick settings to default .. -> fix. ;) How do you do that? can you explain please!

  • Mohammad Nasir

AnonD-11074, 15 Jun 2015I had this same problem when I updated my Galaxy Tab S to Lollip... moreBrilliant job this works

  • Anonymous

like the other users I don't believe a word of this report,
I never ever had any issue with this phone, and runs smoothly,
GMS needs to revised this report and at least come here and tell us the sources in which he reported this news!
many of my friends using this device happily and no issue with toggle ever!

so don't believe a word of this to be honest

  • Anonymous

Just reset quick settings to default .. -> fix. ;)

  • remone

factory reset the device fixes this issue
or flashing the stock ROM downloaded of sammobile

  • Anon

Kindly, we suggest you to follow these steps to resolve your issue:

i. Kindly check your full quick settings button by swipe from top until bottom by using your finger. After that, you able to see "EDIT" menu on top of the screen from the right side. Kindly click "EDIT" and you will get the full list of quick settings. You may drag back the icon/shortcut into your shortcut notifications.

ii. Turn On Safe Mode to check whether your device still having the same issues or not if in Safe Mode condition by press long Power Button> Power Off> Turn On device until appear Samsung Logo> While Samsung Logo come out from the screen, immediately press long Volume Down Button until appear Safe Mode into your screen.
For your information, while device in Safe Mode condition, all the 3rd Party Apps disable for use. Only Built-in Apps able to use. Leave your device between 30 minutes until 1 hour in Safe Mode.
Kindly check whether issues still persist or not. If not persist, might be your 3rd Party Apps cause the problem. You can uninstall certain apps that you seldom to use.
To go back to Normal Mode, kindly restart your device.

However Mr/Mrs Nicholas, we do apologize because if the issues still persist, we recommend you to do Factory Data Reset as a last choice options. You can perform Factory Data Reset by go to Settings> Backup and Reset> Factory Data Reset. This method such as reformat back your device.
However, kindly backup all your data inside your device before perform Factory Data Reset:

1) For Contact Number, to perform backup, go to Contacts> Menu Button> Import/Export> Export to Sim Card.
Or else, you may use Gmail Account for backup contact by go to Settings> Backup and Reset> Tick Auto-Backup and tick also Automatic Restore. You may check back contacts from your Gmail under Contacts section.

2) For Pictures, you can transfer to PC/laptop or you may open your Gallery Album> Select Album> click "Share" via> you can choose whether you would like to transfer to your Gmail; Email, Evernote; Facebook; Google+, Dropbox; and etc.

3) For 3rd Party Apps that you already installed from Google Playstore, kindly uninstall and re-install back the apps.

4) Lastly, you can use Samsung Smart Switch to backup your data however it just backup built-in apps only. Kindly refer the link given below for more information,

If the issues still persist, we would appreciate if you could carry in your device to our nearest Samsung Service Center together with your purchase receipt for the technician to check on your device. Kindly visit the link given below for further information on Samsung Service Center locations,­n/

i) Put your current location for example "Selangor"
ii) Put your product category
iii) Choose Mobile Phone
iv) Scroll down slowly and kindly click "Check all"
v) Click "Find Service Centre"
vi) Click 50km below Search Logo
vii) Click Search Logo

The list of nearby Service Center will show below.
Please take note you will have to backup all your important data's from your mobile phone into your PC or laptop before carry in your device to our Samsung Service Centre.

We do apologize in all inconvenience cause that you already facing. We do understand your frustration however the last choice are Factory Data Reset or walk-in to our Service Centre.

We are most grateful for your support and do appreciate the time you have taken to share your feedback with us.

  • Rick Guimaraes

Hey friends, finally a solution. At least temporarily until the Samsung move. Look for the fixdatatoggle.apk app, install, reboot and check if it worked. After that you can uninstall. It worked on my S6. That's it!

  • Grey

Same here, Galaxy Alpha SM-G850F 5.0.2 Lollipop