turns 15 today, happy birthday to us all!

15 June, 2015
Time flies by quickly, we've started measuring in MWC events rather than New Year eves.

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  • krishan suthar

happy birthday............................

  • venkybee

Wish u many many many happy returns of the day. HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY

  • Ethos-Evoss

alright then . H B-day Garena .....

  • Juan Castelo

Happy Birthday dear GSMARENA =). The best site for mobile devices .

  • Aniket

Happy birthday Gsm arena

  • AnonD-94867

Happy birthday, GSMArena!

  • AnonD-165816

Happy Birthday 🎂 GSMArena you guys run the website that I visit most, thank you.
Though your mobile friendly website could use some major redesign.

  • La Plasta De Caca

Happy Birthday from Colombia!
Reading you everymorining here at Bilateral!

  • RpFromSL

To be honest, GSMArena is like facebook for me. its like my homepage in my browser. Appreciate your hard work and Wish ypu could continue forever...!!
(Hey that video review thing you added its very good. now we dont have to keep surfing youtube to find reviews after reading the specs from your site.)

  • joe sHmoe

happy b-day gsmarena.

  • AnonD-390571

Happy birthday gsmarena

  • Anonymous

Happy birthday, you're no. 1 site (quality) in the world, used even by phoneshops sales guys in Romania !

  • Toronton'ian

Happy B-Day, please update Counterclockwise More often!!

  • gsmarena fan

wish you happy birthday gsmarena

  • Blagster

Happy Birthday

  • Rosh

Happy birthday gsmarena

  • vtc4800

happy birthday,
gsmarena is one of my Favorite daily routine.

  • AnonD-395111

Wish you happy birthday, i often check this website daily sometime 4-5 time in a day.

  • AnonD-406711

Happy anniversary gsmarena,please make app for android..easy for searching news about gadget

  • AnonD-80174

Happy Birthday! Please treat us with a UI overhaul. :P