HTC One M9+ and E9+ now available for purchase in US

17 June, 2015
The devices are available on Amazon, and carry a price tag of $800 and $500, respectively.

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  • Anonymous

Hmmm, I've been waiting for this phone but now I want to wait more and see what this "hero" phone is all about.

  • Anonymous

Why won't HTC release the M9+ in UK,the M9 is going nowhere give us a phone that can compete with other flag ships.

  • LLL

Hopefully they let HTC stay afloat

  • AnonD-114492

How is it too late when phones are still being released, with similar specs, that to late comment is played out and misused

  • BVR

Not UK? Why HTC, why? The M9 competes with precisely none of the the UK flagships, release the M9+ and E9+ Here!!!!

  • Anonymous

Crappy GPU though, if you buy this for gaming,you are going wrong

  • Anonymous

Kamran, 17 Jun 2015Loveing it, hoping this will be awarded best phone of 2015-16Maybe could wait in line after S6E, G4, IP6+,Z3+.

  • Blagster

MrB, 17 Jun 2015Where in Germany for 449?Sorry 467 Euros, Amazon.

  • MrB

Where in Germany for 449?

  • !dev!|

Good move htc👍

  • Anonymous

very nice for smart from HTC brand with good price and cheper than S6 and S6 edge. it is benefit for HTC when compettive for HTC. I hope HTC sale out big quanity in US market and other location..

  • Blagster

449 Euros in Germany

  • AnonD-171438

Great news one m9+

i feel like the One M9+ has everything that should have been in the regular M9 in order to compete with the other 2015 flagships. and now i think it's a little too late.

  • AnonD-407193

Htc strategy is failing overpriced product.

  • Anonymous

NOTE: LTE is incompatible in North America and Mexico.


  • AnonD-379427

$799? S6 edge it is for me.

  • Ranjit

No LTE. Not worth it

  • AnonD-189020

Very expensive

  • Rumon

At last it would be very good decision. I love M9+