T-Mobile begins selling Microsoft Lumia 640

17 June, 2015
It is available for $130 without any agreement, and will set you back $5.41 per month on a 2-year contract.

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  • Anonymous


  • youwish

who cares.

  • Anonymous

Will this phone ever come to Nigeria?

  • Anonymous

Still like the 1st gen Moto G better especially on sale for $20-25 for the Verizon prepaid version that can be used on WIFI only.

  • Laoplayer

AnonD-383187, 17 Jun 2015These are already on sale at Walmart for $99.I just bought one today at Walmart for $99

  • AnonD-383187

This phone will be #1 seller on Amazon like the Lumia 635.

  • AnonD-383187

These are already on sale at Walmart for $99.