Major Samsung S8000 Jet firmware update now available

22 November, 2009
We have some great news for the owners of Samsung S8000 Jet: there is a new firmware update for the Jet bringing lots of goodies for your phone. As it turned out itís been a while since it first showed up but...

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  • vishesh

hello i am again having 1 confusion please help me
i have samsung s8003 in india which firmware should i download from the no of firmwares available

  • Anonymous

Just finished updating my jet S8003 last night.. & I was really happy of the outcome! Cooool!

  • nlia

I have applied this update to S8000, very happy with it. These are general steps: 1.) go to darkforest website and register. 2.) login and search darkforest for "flash guides" 3.) follow steps there, it will involve you downloading both firmware and updater program.

  • Stars idol

One step closer..good job sams :)

  • Anonymous

Use the RU file only if you want Russian widgets. Other than that, they are the same.

  • Anonymous

Anyone can help? I've already open the Firmaware downloader. In the DOWNLOADER I already click BOOT CHANGE,FULL DOWNLOAD & MASTER ROM.. Then I already choose the file for BOOT,AMSS, APPS,RSRC1,RSRC2 and in the FACTORY FS (there are two files the one with RU in the last and has 39.4 mb & the other without an RU in the last of the file name which has only 36.3 mb) * WHICH FILE NAME WILL I CHOOSE? * PLEASE HELP! :-(

  • Sam

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2009I have the s8003 and flashed it to XEII2 firmware. It does hav... moreNo arabic in ur new firmware, Right?


  • Arijit

Hmm!! The update is great I think. Worth upgrading....:)

  • Anonymous

This firmware comes from Samsung through a third party site, please read the comments for more information.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2009I have the s8003 and flashed it to XEII2 firmware. It does hav... moreThanks, that's what I need. I'll try it this week

  • Anonymous

I have the s8003 and flashed it to XEII2 firmware. It does have a lot of improvements. I previously have the DXIG2 firmware. You just have to follow the instructions from Darkforest to the dot, and make sure you have a back up of your contacts, and internet settings.

Make sure you also download the old firmware, so you can flash it back in case you have to use your phone's warranty.

  • Anonymous

S8000XPIJ7 free­=1398.0

  • Anonymous

The S8000 and S8003 are the same phone and the same firmware will work BUT S8000T,M,B are not the same and you will loose your 3G support.

  • Anonymous

Samsung-Firmware, 23 Nov 2009Is save for the S8003! And on you find a ... morePay to download???? Why pay for some thing that is free?

  • Dileep

Does the new firmware fix the useless speeddial functionality in S8000?

  • Samsung-Firmware

Is save for the S8003!

And on you find a newer version!


  • Anonymous

I GUESS NOT.. It's not safe for S8003.

  • Anonymous

Sooo! Is it safe to update our JET S8003 to this latest firmware?

  • Anonymous

The firmware is not in beta, it has been released and you can buy a Jet with this firmware on it. NPS Updater is still in beta so you can not get this firmware from it directly.

  • Anonymous

Asian countries should also not take that risk of updating their firmware.. The latest firware(S8000XEII2) is not intended for Jet S8003.
It's only for European version. We'll just have to wait for the final firmware.