Major Samsung S8000 Jet firmware update now available

22 November, 2009
We have some great news for the owners of Samsung S8000 Jet: there is a new firmware update for the Jet bringing lots of goodies for your phone. As it turned out it’s been a while since it first showed up but...

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  • Anonymous

Wonder is the SMS capacity still capped at 500 ?? Hopefully samsung do something abt this... I am getting pissed!!

  • johndru

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2009How do I update my Jet S8003? What is the file name? I live in t... moresame procedure. S8000/S8003 FW are interchangeable. visit DF site.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2009First off I do not appreciate you calling my site "dodgy" My sit... moreHow do I update my Jet S8003? What is the file name? I live in the Philippines. Is it S8003DXIG2?

  • srihari

can it be updated on S8003DDIF3 ... If possible please guide

  • gop


  • JohnDru

fw is unofficial BUT 100% working. Use at your own risk. SAMSUNG will release this officially ONLY IF they have fixed the their NPS. But if not, you have to use another program to update it. However, for those who updated it already, I DON'T HAVE REGRETS over it :)

btw, my Jet is S8003 but i updated it to S8000. :)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The site is not dodgy.
In fact it is very helpful and one of the largest Samsung after-market support forums.
5500+ members can't go wrong

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2009what´s the name of this latest firmware update?? thanks in advanceit's s8000xeii2

  • b&o

hey guys
do you no if the firmware upgrade
added korean input/output support?

  • Anonymous

I just got my Samsung Jet last week. Should I upgrade to this new firmware? My model is actually the S8003. Thanks in advance.

  • kronos1

well l havent yet test this but on df group forums there are a bunch of be free to test it. this is not marketing.
if wifi is not working on arena try to flash it with another firmware and it should be ok

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA, link it's not official. May brick the phone or warranty will be void. Think!!!!

  • Bilou

[deleted post]This site may not be official, but is great: I upgraded my Pixon firmware with it, because Samsung PC studio is a piece of rubbish and you cannot upgrade your firmware with it.

  • Anonymous

First off I do not appreciate you calling my site "dodgy" My site only provides official Samsung firmware uploaded from Samsung service centers. I provide this service at no charge to any one who want to take advantage of the new firmwares with out having to send there phones in and possibly have to pay for the update. If you do not want the updates then keep it to yourself. And do not accuse some one of doing some thing illegal.

  • Brawbob

You can now zoom in much further in photos.

  • Noman

I've posted before about this but had no answer. How do I get Route66 free for life with voice navigation on Samsung Jet? Pls help...

  • El Rico

bunty, 22 Nov 2009my lg km900 not working wi fi pls help me Ty the firmware of Samsung so...

  • Hussam Ahmed

this is amazing where can i get this firmware!?! plz tell me?

  • bunty

my lg km900 not working wi fi pls help me

  • samereab

i want to use my vedios in assinging them for contacts also chaging the sound of any vedio by an mp3 not amr ext only..the updat can effect this points or answer???