Android 5.1 update begins rolling out to second-gen Moto X

23 June, 2015
Last week, the first-generation Moto X started getting the update in the United States, Brazil, and Canada

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  • Sam

Sowndar, 25 Jun 2015Guys today morning I updated my moto x 2nd generation to android... moreSame problem with u Do u have any solution for it

  • Ahmed

Got it today !! Enjoying 5.1 :)

  • AnonD-409951

Vish, 25 Jun 2015Received update in India today morning 433MBNo updates as yet. I am in India as well.. using Moto X 2014

  • Sowndar

Guys today morning I updated my moto x 2nd generation to android 5.1 after update i can't able to hear anything while speaking a call.

  • rahul gupta

moto g 1st plz5.1 lolipop updeta

  • Vish

AnonD-409707, 24 Jun 2015When Moto x 2014 get 5.1 update in indiaReceived update in India today morning 433MB

  • AnonD-409707

When Moto x 2014 get 5.1 update in india

  • Vaibhav

When the 5.1 update available for moto g2

  • AnonD-163598

has the issue of wallpapers been sorted out? i mean are the wallpapers now in categories as before and not all together as in 5.0.2 ?

  • kabel

From David Schuster: "Quick update with respect to Moto X Pure Edition (2nd Gen) in the US. As many of you know we had started a soak test a couple weeks ago and discovered an issue which we need to address.

Over the past weekend we restarted the soak test. I will keep you posted on its progress."

So, not sure where gsmarena is getting this info from, but it is obvious that the OTA rollout has not started yet. Just soak test folks! If they find another bug it will be awhile till they restart the soak test again!

  • Nick

AnonD-409345, 23 Jun 2015Got my OTA update on Friday 19th June in the UK. So far so good ... moreI'm not entirely sure (have not recieved 5.1 on my Moto X just yet), but I think they added an option to hide dropdown shortcuts via long press. If there's an option to hide them, maybe there's also an option to add them back somewhere in settings now?

  • AnonD-409345

Got my OTA update on Friday 19th June in the UK. So far so good and phone hasn't flown out of my hand yet whilst performing 'chop twice' to enable torch!!
Disappointed to find the Chromecast shortcut in the dropdown menu is still disabled (although I appreciate you can use the Chromecast app but this is not as convenient). Anyone know if Motorola have any plans to enable it? Thanks.



  • Anonymous

I received my 5.1 update yesterday and am from Africa, Ghana. So far so good. #helloMoto

  • motofan

I already got it last week in Germany, runs smooth so far. Nice Moto!