HTC One ME Dual SIM launches in India with $640 price tag

24 June, 2015
The dual-SIM smartphone boasts a rich set of features headed by a high-end MediaTek Helio X10 chipset.

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  • Anonymous

When will apdate one me.

  • romio

This mobile better featherssss
but price not better

  • Anonymous

next to HTC 2000me and XP. woww super smartphone. super band.

  • AnonD-422344

Supersamartphone from htc I use this phone very very beautiful phone all in one


2MUCH COST This is not 4G only 3G network

  • faizam malik

Nice brilant mobile

  • optional

game over HTC ...

  • AnonD-292321 flop device...just because of price tag it comes with...

  • AR

Samsung should buy htc Keep the dual speakers make the design better with equal sized minimal bezels on the top and bottom revamp all the hardware Including camera which will maKe the best phones in term of looks and Performance.

  • Anonymous

It's funny when they say mediatek is mediocore and others are premium and better! Dumb people

  • Anonymous

thanks HTC. was waiting for the mediatek variant. crapdragon is overheating cpu.

  • ConsumerG

Good luck Htc. Wrong market for that handset imo

  • Anonymous

In china 483$, in india 640$.....! Its nt fair

Samsung galaxy s6 is now available at 41k so who want to take this that is power house better chipset better camera better resale value

  • Anonymous

Too pricey

  • AnonD-403798

Too much price. improve price and processor otherwise continue lost as of now

  • Anonymous

Price is higher more I think... It will unfavourable with India market share. With the price we can buy many smart phone mid-range... HTC still not seen price is unsuitable for many people.

  • AnonD-349175

And who will buy with that hefty price tag !
HTC doesn't seem to learn the lesson !! Selling its black bars for $640.

  • AnonD-194030

There's a reason.. Since the latest Snapdragon 810 seems to be heating unusually, HTC had to look for an alternative.. The same reason why Samsung used Exynos 7420 instead of SD

  • AnonD-409872

Too overpriced for a crappy mediatek powered phone