Apple Watch will be out in three more countries on July 17

26 June, 2015
Until then, the company's first smartwatch has gone on sale today in an additional seven countries.

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  • Anonymous

Why apple dont launch them product in VIetnam country. I think Viietnam has big fan using apple product as Iphone and Ipad... If Apple open retail store in here will many Ifan buy them product..

  • Anonymous

Opps thanks my country is not belongs to mentioned he he he

  • Anonymous

dude, 26 Jun 2015"just say no, people"why?

  • Anonymous

DOA. Watch for 3rd gen.

  • Anonymous

moto g man , 26 Jun 2015beautifull the way colombia is gonna with the soccer ... moreLOL

  • dude

"just say no, people"

  • AnonD-46535

I can't wait until Watch OS 2 arrives!!

  • moto g man

beautifull the way colombia is gonna with the soccer game tonight.