Fring offers first mobile videocall via Skype - on Nokia phones

24 November, 2009
You all know Fring, the application that brings Skype, ICQ, Facebook and other services to your mobile phones, right? Up until now you were able to chat with your pals and make voice calls but as of today you can also take...

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  • Anonymous

nokia c7 not video call

  • hida

can i use this on e71?

  • bangash

video call on skype

  • Ritesh

Seriously guys... Its Hell waiting for a video call on C7 from skype for Sooooooooooooooooo Longg... Come On Skype Guys... what the hell r u all doing.. just busy buttering Microsoft that u wont release anything now that works on any other platform other than windows 7.x !!

Dont think it should be such a big problem for skype developers to give such a known and small feature.... even after such a big outcry from public !!

  • Varun

how can i make video call on my nokia 5230? Anyone knows such kind of application for 5230? Plz comment....

  • raj

pls help me nokia c6 how to make video call...........

  • ATif

on my Nokia C7 when i remove and install fresh fring it work but after getting sign out when try to sign in again it hangs on login please wait and dont go further .. kindly help me .. whats going wrong with my cell or with fring ..

  • insane

does skype video call really work with nokia 5800??

  • fey

im using nokia C7.. and i just downloaded fring on my phone but i cannot find skype video call.. can some help me pls?

  • Arun Ramanan

I using Fring for the past 1 year in my nokia 5800Xpress Music, but i am unable to find the Facebook & Skype in Fring Addons. Plesae let me know how to add? or where will be latest version will be available.

  • anoop

i have downloaded and installed FRING in my mobile, but i can't use skype id with it, please assist me, how to use my skype via fring and make video calls

  • Rohit

Please tell me if fring works on lg optimus one and samsung galaxy 3 & 5 or not???

  • Brijraj Hada

i have downloaded and installed FLING but i can't use skype id with it,
please assist me, how to use my skype via fling and make video call

  • james

does motorola MB300 has video calling which supports skype or fring
plz mail to

  • Anjali


  • ferdie

cHRIS96_TYRANT, 09 Jun 2010They claim to be the first but nah... they are not. before they ... moreHi! Chris, can you help me w/ my N95 to avail of that application and services


They claim to be the first but nah... they are not. before they come up with video calling through skype "TIVIPHONE" has it already for S60 devices using their own free software that needs to be installed either in phone or PC , and not only that IMICHAT has it too! So to Fring staffs though just admit that you are not the first who brought 2 way video calling to smartphones, yeah maybe for android and other OS out there but not on S60's. Another thing Fring's version for skype video calling doesn't work perfectly on SATIO and SAMSUNG OMNIA even the ne X10 of SonyEricsson... sad to say they work only most on NOKIA devices... what a fair competition eh..?

  • Rachitha

shall i know whether nokia5320 is applicable with fring

  • dar win sz

hi all,

i installed fring on my sony ericsson satio. it works fine for voice calls. however, for video calls, i can see who i'm talking to, but they cant see me.

tried searching for forums for this, and they said that the current fring version doesnt allow this for the secondary camera. then, can i use the camera at the back?

any thoughts on this?


  • faiz muhammad

when there video call will be available for 5630 :(