Motorola Droid Kinzie for Verizon is detailed too

29 June, 2015
It's been a day filled with benchmark results, and one of them covers the next Droid from Motorola.

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  • Anonymous

crap, all I see is S810 trolling

  • AnonD-293750

It never fails. Every time a new qualcomm processor leaks out, the spec fans want that one instead of the one they've been working on since launch. SD8100 is in it's 3rd stage and runs cooler than version 1. Please stop the madness.

  • AnonD-345273

Much better if have to do with Snapdragon 820 or mediatek mt6795

  • AnonD-407326

Another cool handset. Let's hope for some nice features like sd card slot and removable battery? Stereo speakers?

  • moto g man

with that defective sd chipset..they should put 6000 mah battery if the want to calle it moto maxx on its gsm version.