HTC to start manufacturing mobile handsets in India

30 June, 2015
The Taiwanese company will manufacture handsets priced in the range of $150 to $390.

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  • ithehappy

AnonD-117179, 01 Jul 2015World is going to END. Bye Bye Sony, Samsung, HTC. Poor stepWhy?

  • sanjay

That's a positive step thinking.

  • ajay pal

high turn over plan .......

  • AnonD-117179

World is going to END.
Bye Bye Sony, Samsung, HTC. Poor step

  • dhillon

wow nycccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • AnonD-146024

India is on a constant Rise. Kudos!

  • AnonD-379427

Samsung does soemthing, and everyone follows. Whats the news here? Just move on people. Apple even copies samsung's multi-window feature, so whats the big deal here?

  • Anonymous

will htc use their own software and hardware in india manufacturing ? It happen that it would use only its brand name.

  • Anonymous

In less than 3 years all OEM's will manufacture devices in all major counties because of tax. But that doesn't mean employment. Robotics will replace humans in manufacturing sector.

  • AnonD-405223


even his haters will agree that he is better than silent sardar,and italian mother india xd

  • AnonD-292321

Means they will manufacture DESIRE line up in

  • Cenas

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2015It is not a sanction. Chinese wages have risen dramatically... moreBrazil, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, does the same thing...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2015It is an economic sanction in disguise.It is not a sanction. Chinese wages have risen dramatically in recent years. This is just business trying to lower cost of production.

  • AnonD-230517

Welcome to India! !!! hope you get better environment than China. .Good luck

  • Anonymous

It is an economic sanction in disguise.

  • AnonD-241270

good news for some, bad news for others...for me idk, because i only buy LG and some say LG never leave China and Korea to go to India, those brands will raise theyr prices because India is not China, the manufactery hand job cost more than China will buy a more expensive smartphone because are mounted in India...idk if are good news.

  • true teller

[deleted post]Yes! NaMo effect!

  • geek

modi effect & make in india campaign

  • AnonD-125219

I swear ill definitely buy Mobiles from htc Sony Asus Samsung if they are 100% made in India

  • Anonymous

Jhon998, 30 Jun 2015What's wrong with China?Wages are rising too high in China.