The Top 10 trending phones of week 27

05 July, 2015
Surprise guest at the top from the Lenovo K3 Note and little movement anywhere else.

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  • 07 Jul 2015

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2015I don't understand why subject is " The to 10 trending... morePhones on the list are phones with high percentage in daily interest. Check each phones percentage on this site and you will see why they are the trendings. In case you dont know how to check the percentage, just look on the left side of the page whenever you check any phones specification.

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    • u{6
    • 06 Jul 2015

    There's a reason why K3 Note is popular at the moment: it presents excellent value for money. I am currently a visitor in India and I will try to purchase a unit before leaving. It may also be good for GSMArena conduct a review on the phone.

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      • Kim
      • rvv
      • 06 Jul 2015

      There are better phones than Lenovo K 3 note, eg Elephone p7000, be informed.

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        • trb
        • 06 Jul 2015

        I don't understand why subject is " The to 10 trending phone of W27"??? I seen almost smart phone in list is old and already launch long time. have many smart phone too old as S6 plus or Iphone 6...I think admin shall update news on time and have many news informative to all member reference... That is my personal opinion..

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          • AnonD-241270
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          • 06 Jul 2015

          aleluia! Lenovo on top...but have too much sammshit in this list anyway...sammy have to be destroied of thiw world! these phones sucks

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            • p77
            • 05 Jul 2015

            MCW, 05 Jul 2015I would like to know the same thing... Why Samsung Galaxy S... moreGood price? For some reason many have clicked that phone last week, just checked daily interest is 45% it's very high number for that old device.

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              • 05 Jul 2015

              Noobies, 05 Jul 2015Errrrrrr?? Why Samsung Galaxy S4??? I would like to know the same thing... Why Samsung Galaxy S4 in on the top 10...?

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                • 05 Jul 2015

                lenovo always rockzz. mediatek ftw

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                  • 05 Jul 2015

                  nic, 05 Jul 2015samsung galaxy j1 hahahahaahWhat's funny there?

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                    • Noobies
                    • KZ8
                    • 05 Jul 2015

                    Errrrrrr?? Why Samsung Galaxy S4???

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                      • nic
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                      • 05 Jul 2015

                      samsung galaxy j1 hahahahaah

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                        • gyK
                        • 05 Jul 2015

                        We need a Lenovo K3 Note review, it would be great.