HTC Aero display specs rumored - QHD and GG4

07 July, 2015
The source hints at a QHD screen of yet unknown diagonal, latest Gorilla Glass 4 in front.

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  • Here'sToChange

AnonD-246216, 08 Jul 2015Did I say that the SD820 was the best chipset? I already know t... moreif powerful chips get "hot" or "over heat" as you say, we must hear great stories about ipad air 2(A8X), nexus 9 (64-bit dual core Nvidia tegra k1) & sammy s6 edge(exynox 7420) like htc m9, xperia z3+, lg g flex 2 & xperia z tablet

  • Here'sToChange

AnonD-246216, 08 Jul 2015Did I say that the SD820 was the best chipset? I already know t... morenvidia tegra x1 is old story more than shitdragon 810 & exynox 7420!

  • Munim

Than boomsound is great.
The frontcamera is great..
There are only 2 things that i think htc should do.
Add multitasking like samsung.
Work on the ultrapixel technology by increasing the number of pixels and further refining the lens and the post image processing because ultrapixel is great ,many people have misjudged it.
Comapring one m8 with the note 4 and the images produced by m8 were more closer to natural .the only deficit was the lesser number of pixels and because of that the images wree lacking detail but other than that the images are equally good plus u get the depth sensor and with it u can get some dslr like photos and a bunch of other editing tools that are far superior than any other brand's offering.
The software experience is very refined.
Htc is a good company, the best in mobiles but i guess it just needs some corrections here and there to get back to the position where it was in 2011.

  • Munim

I have been using htc one m8 for the pas 8 or 9 months.
It is a great devie. You have to use it yourself to feel it.. As for the camera, it is not bad af all.
I compared it with note 4 and the results were pretty surpirisng. The camera produces images which are pretty natural ,the only thing is camera lacks is the number of pixels.
The decision to shift to a more conventional 20mp shooter in the case of m9 was not a good one.
In my opinion htc should have given some more time to the ultrpixel technology and could have given a megapixel boost to 8mps and that would have resulted in a great camera because the camera of one m8 sometimes outperforms the camera of note 5 even in daylight when it comes to colour that added depth sensor is not a gimmick..
They say that the bokeh effect can be achieved by a signle lens, ask them to create a bokeh effect by the camera of note 4.. it fails very single time while the m8 is always able to create one.. some times as good as the one produced by a dslr.

  • AnonD-246216

Here'sToChange, 07 Jul 2015ha ha nvidia tegra x1 is still better than shitdragon 820 .find ... moreDid I say that the SD820 was the best chipset?
I already know that the SD820 is not the best chipset around. It's even slightly weaker than the exynos of the S6. And The nvidia X1 is not even installed on any smartphone, since its too powerful and will produce too much heat. Don't act like you know more than others.

  • Zed

The camera will be key to the next HTC because everything else is good enough in the m8 and m9! As a phone user the camera is the only part that was something left to be desired. The m8 only lacked a good camera otherwise it was perfect. The m9 is also brilliant bar from the heating cpu and camera! Yes 2k display and fingerprint scanners are not necessary but a good camera is vital in any smartphone as it's as important as making a call these days

  • Chrishd3z

Let's just hope they don't ruin this one. HTC constantly fails because they take away features people love and add other that no one cares for after. First you have Optical Images Stabilization which made its debut in the Original HTC One which never was added in the follow up devices. they also eliminated the capacitive buttons originally found on the HTC One. They weren't the best solution but at least it gave a function to that horrid black bar beneath the screen and saved you some screen real estate.

Then they gave up on Ultrapixel instead of keeping it and increasing the UMP count to maybe 8UMP's.
Camera has always been an issue with HTC products vs the competition.
I wonder what's the next feature they will eliminate... Boomsound? Which is the best thing about the HTC One series.

The perfect HTC device will continue with the excellent Premium build quality, will continue having Boomsound, finally give us a camera worth having and give us more screen to work with by eliminating the black bar or including capacitive buttons on it in order to gain more of a clean screen without virtual buttons.

Boomsound always kept me coming back to HTC but within a few weeks I always gave up on the device because of those issues mentioned above. The worst has always been the amount of screen to work with and the bad camera. Please fix if you want me back.

The people running HTC have mismanaged it so badly that I doubt the company will ever recover.

They have turned a deaf ear to their customers for so long that most people,myself included have tuned then out and ruled them out.

They really had the chance to rule the market a few years ago when the Galaxy S3 came out with micro SD, removable battery etc, and HTC decided to compete with a lame offering lacking all the good features people craved. They have persisted in the same behavior for years.

  • ash

HTC don't bugger it up like you've done for the past 2 and a half years.

  • LLL

With 4 QHD-screen devices already in the market, IMO the way for HTC to make this Aero device to really stand out above the pack is to price the Aero significantly cheaper than the other. Earn smaller margin, get the sales number up, take more market share.

  • dinho

aeropostale i though

  • Here'sToChange

AnonD-190634, 07 Jul 2015you say it like its a joke but it really is, x1 is god!ha ha it's my old i don't know what HTC think to use for "aero"

  • Mtk

It better not be a mediatek proc. I rather buy Hot Dragon CPU 810. Better support from AOSP community.

  • Anonymous

B1lt, 07 Jul 2015They really trying hard. Hope they will succeed.I on the other hand hope that they won't. They offer mediocre quality (bad camera, thick phones with huge bezels, iterative design) for ultra high end prices. They unfairly steal the thunder -on western media- from much better Chinese brands (remember HTC is Taiwanese , so almost Chinese, herself).

I loved HTC back when she was innovating with Windows mobile (before the touch era) but they belong to the past

  • AnonD-190634

Here'sToChange, 07 Jul 2015ha ha nvidia tegra x1 is still better than shitdragon 820 .find ... moreyou say it like its a joke but it really is, x1 is god!

  • Here'sToChange

AnonD-246216, 07 Jul 2015Put the SD820 in it and polish the camera performance, then it'l... moreha ha nvidia tegra x1 is still better than shitdragon 820 .find out yourself

  • dinho

good device

  • Hale

Your culetion, This is Awsm!!! let's see.

  • D'Aero

If HTC give ups huge black bezel they will increase sales.HTC is it too hard for you?

  • Emc

If you check the source link and translate it to English, you can see, that there is written some good stuff about what we can expect from camera. I really hope it's true. :)