Introducing the new

10 July, 2015
We've got a brand new design and a bunch of new features that we hope will make your lives easier.

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  • Shuvayu Sarkar


  • AnonD-7834

And here I come again, after a year or so of using the new design, to enquire on whether it's possible for us to have the old one once again. This new design is really a bother to me. I have to keep on double tapping on Opera Mini every time I load a page, not to mention the fact that I no longer visit the Blog page as I can't even locate the link in the first place.

  • TechLord777

I wonder, why nobody has been here in the previous three months.
I just wanted to mention, that I can still remember, that you could categorise posted comments on the old GSM-Area. (I am unable to verify it due to robots.txt.
There were some categories such as questions, information/reviews, and many more. I wonder, what categories have been there.
Can anybody else remember too?

  • TechLord777

That old design was more skeumorphistic and more solid.
I wish that GSMArena had a StyleChooser just like

  • AJSA

Where is RATING?!!!! This was main feature of this portal!

  • sajid a.c

Tell me some thing about galaxy s7 edge plus when will this device launch . and about features

  • mencaripagi

Please bring back the ratings section... :(
I mean ratings for design, performance, and features for each phone

  • Yep

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016seldom to visit this site anymore since you've changed to y... moreTerrible new site design...worthless

  • Anonymous

seldom to visit this site anymore since you've changed to your new look, please bring back the old one or at least similar with the old one...

  • Gr

Please update for y550

  • Y550

Huawei ASCEND y550 update ?

  • AnonD-452201

How do I set an avatar for my account??

  • Anonymous

Please bring back the old site. You can atleast give an option to go to the old site. Once given, you can see the stats and take a call on what to sustain and what to call off

  • AnonD-262433

where is that in the news option ?????

  • AnonD-309855

This new design makes my feel absolutely no desire to visit the website again. Please just put an option to use the site with old layout. I'm looking into a phone and WHERE ARE THE DAMN phone review??? this design makes you have to search everywhere to find stuff... I believe you will loose a lot of daily visitors with this failed design.

  • AnonD-2887


very bad design. Kindly revert.

  • bhaskar

I hate the fact the fact that i am not able make tabs of the page by clicking gsmarena title. I also find it impossible to search tablets by using form factor or screen size, kindly do add and fix them.

  • Anonymous

I read almost every day since 2008 when I found this site. I like it very much and I like your old design but the new design is ugly, crowded, with too much ads, unintuitive, you don't know where to find a specific information. The old design was clean and easy to read and the information was easy to find and to read with no hassle. I will continue to read the site with the hope of a better future design for your site but...too bad!

  • Goodbye GSM Arena

I have no use for GSMArena if it does not have the ratings feature on the individual device pages. Even if it was abused by some, I remember that buying a phone that was rated above 8 on GSMArena was usually a safe bet. Without that vital feature, I don't see myself visiting this website often. I don't see the point of not keeping things simple for users. The new interface is too complicated and cluttered. Anyway, good luck and thanks for helping with my mobile phone purchases over the years.

  • blanco

please correct your phone finder service. i am not able to find tablets using it. kindly do fix this. i would also like to know the rankings/hits country-wise.