Oppo Mirror 5 unveiled, is R1x's little brother

15 July, 2015
It brings LTE and dual-SIM connectivity, Android 5.1 (with Color OS 2.1) and a 5MP selfie camera. 

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  • Ashish

Camera 📷 quality is low.8 megapixels and 4g connective's

  • Anonymous


  • Frank

It reminds me of the back of the HTC Touch Diamond

  • Anonymous

looks like xperia z1.

  • Anonymous

good gooder goodest

  • AnonD-296725

reminds me of sony

  • Anonymous

Phone is nice with good design. I like this design.. I am really impressive with back cover glass blue. It will smart phone sell out good quantity in many country market. As i seen, China phone maker day by day growth and good design. With mid price, i think china maker will 2nd position in the next time.

  • Anonymous

Oppo: churning out new models faster than Mayweather can say Samsung-ed!

  • Anonymous

Blue is very nice but wouldn't go less than 720p.

  • AnonD-417792

WhatDidYouSay, 15 Jul 2015qHD resolution (540 x 960px)?.....really?Yes. qHD, not QHD. There's a difference.

  • Charley

So this is like a $100 phone, right?

  • Anonymous

Front and side like iPhone 5 and back like SONY's Z3. A few own ideas would be good instead of copying everything.

  • WhatDidYouSay

qHD resolution (540 x 960px)?.....really?

  • shivu

look vice nyc