Better photo of HTC Bravo shows up, lends credibility to the leak

08 December, 2009
Since more info popped up about the upcoming Android flagship from HTC - the HTC Bravo. First off, there's a new photo with much better quality. There are also some corrections to the previously leaked specs sheet...

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  • Luke

Just been told by Orange UK Customer Services that the Bravo will be out in March

  • Julius

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009Proof ur facts, that cheap plastic didn't beat iPhone. It j... more"Samsung and Nokia both them self announce they are phasing out Winmo next two years."

Nokia DOES NOT use WinMo. And I don't think it actually EVER used.

Remember grandma lessons: "if you ever do something, you better do it well". Even if it's trolling, LOL!!!!

  • Dr.X

yeah dude , it is THE PHONE! i was stuck between samsung omnia hd for the hd video recording and AMOLED 3.7" 16m color screen , and HTC Hero for it's android OS and Sense UI. but damn!! this phone is awesome , and if the specs are reported true it's far much better than the two phones i had in mind combined! now that i know this phone gonna come out i'm just gonna wait 3 - 4 months and hope this phone release by then and i'm gonna but it for sure. HTC all the way man! peace :V:

  • Miej

This is THE phone, realy great futures.
Hope it'll be released in Holland soon.
Does anyone knows something about the price of this phone?

Last I saw some information about a new HTC with qwerty. It was a phone like the Hero, only with qwerty. It would have called, HTC Espresso.. or something like that.. But I did'nt notice this phone in the leek that HTC did. So are they more phones to come than in the leek....??


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009lol you guys responding to the troll post!can't help it! ;P
they always got into my nerves, pardon me.

  • Anonymous

lol you guys responding to the troll post!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009Proof ur facts, that cheap plastic didn't beat iPhone. It j... moreWell, we are not talking about winmo phones here..
So you're the one who needs to re-read before posting your desperate comments.

and iphone is dead, doesn't matter what you said. Look.. it's not even a smartphone. Only stup!d fashion phone used by chicks. Are you one?
would you date me if thats the case?? well I guess not.. LOL.. XD

While android phone would get BT file transfer and flash soon (least for me as a Hero user.. for lucky Droid user they have got it).
While you isheep still happy to get your MMS ability? LOLLL...

Not to mention the HD Video capability, DivX, OLED Screen, etc.. that coming soon. Android market that still behind app store but we'll catching up fast.

Long story short.. if you happy with your ijoke and your ijail experience, please do so...
But don't get your anger and frustation here, this is not an appropriate place to do so.
This is free & open source Android lover.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009Well, HTC Hero killed 3gs at T3 Award. It's proven and not ... moreProof ur facts, that cheap plastic didn't beat iPhone. It just merely won an cheap award because it was new and it was cosmetic. Legend is a failure. So don't talk bout that cheap crap.How can you compair Samsung and Cheap HTC for Winmo Device to BB, or Iphone. Samsung and Nokia both them self announce they are phasing out Winmo next two years. Why? Beacuse they have not been succesful against Blackberry or Iphone in USA. As matter of fact Nokia is facing all kind of Quality problem last two years too. So, I suggest take your time to read and use phone before saying HD2 Taiwan made phone is good.P

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009Pls get ur facts right. IPhone was, is and forever will be ... moreWell, HTC Hero killed 3gs at T3 Award. It's proven and not subjective like this desperate isheep,
and HTC Legend will grind the remaining of it into pieces.

Sorry... it's not even close to compare it to HTC Bravo.

Simple as that.. XD

  • Anonymous

Pls get ur facts right. IPhone was, is and forever will be the trend setter. How many phones came out and say I am the iPhone killer only to end up falling on their face hard. Look, at htc, from day one they were trying to kill iPhone but ended up suiciding. Their hardware isn't theirs too. Depending on their little makeup so called sense ui....their hero too failed.... Little small phone with a lame design... Now u losers... Apple has no time to fiddle with some small taiwanese based company about their cheap phones. Their busy making their mac's. Anyway. Look at their htc hd2. Failure... With a 1ghz processor but still lagging with certain apps... There is no doubt that apple can anytime make an iPhone that will shut htc down. But, i guess that they know htc is tryin their best to do their makeup for their lame phones. If u guys finally realize that u r compAring a 600mhz phone with a 1ghz phone, pls shut the hel up.both phones are in a different league. And start comparing other 1gh phones. Stupd dum diks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2009that iJoke you said had become trend setter for touch scree... morethe finger controlled touch devices was an upcoming trend when iPhone released their iPhone.
Neonode was first, with no real success... but the other manufactors realised that they could do something with that concept. Geastures was introduced on the first Neonode.
Then came LG Prada introduction, a phone with touchfriendly UI, capacitive screen, but with a standard OS.
Then came iPhone introduction, missing a lot of features, but with an above standard OS... still there are many things missing for us out there that want a real smartphone OS in our phone. The hardware is a joke.
Then Samsung came with their F500 concept... which was changed before realease, but a great UI was shown, but as with LG in a standard OS.
Then HTC touch was introduced, a smartphone OS, but with just a part ot the OS with a fingerfriendly UI. Still a quite capable device.

First to hit market: LG Prada.
Second: HTC Touch
Third: Apple iPhone.

So, no, it wasnt the trendsetter.
Sure, some manufactors use pinch zoom. But the big trend is not multitouch, its not pinch zoom, its touchscreen devices with fingerfriendly UI..and the Apple was just one of the manufactors introducing this triend. Remember that in the future. iPhone did not set the trend, they wre far from first, that was neonode, and they were only third, in the second wave, with HTC, LG, Samsung.

I know of several persons that chose not to buy the iPhone, because of its limitations. A decision is made, even when a person does not change from a newly bought phone into another.
I also know of people who has bought the iPhone that are not pleased with it and regret the purpose. Some has changed phones, most stay with the iPhone, just since it was a big investment.
And sure, some are pleased, but those people would have been pleased with an much more basic, and also cheaper phone.
About the apps, they do not stand the test of time... after a few weeks, almost none of them are used. If they are, its mostly youtube application, facebook application... and those are only application cause the browser does not fully support those services.

  • 5

Why is the iphone fan boys are here? hehehe i think they are having a hard time defending there precious ijoke. iphone/ijoke is good in there early 2 years but that was before. now is 2009 and 2010 is coming iphone is loosing there grip. people are starting to realize that iphone is really a piece of crap. the only thing that the iphone is good is there OS and the apps store thats it. but the problem you always paid for there useless apps. and the worst thing is its to many restriction people don't like to be restricted if you own a gadget. if you know what i am talking about. and i almost forgot read the article in some websites iphone/ijoke is not no.1 it say's DROID #1, iPhone 3GS #4 in TIME Top 10 Gadgets for 2009, Take that iPhone! check engadget, slashgear, and phonedog.

  • Iphone is ijoke

oho, 09 Dec 2009The only difference is that you can't use it as a phone?! ... moreYes dear oho, my point exactly :). Iphone is either for girls who no nothing about tech and they think by owning it they will be cool. Or for men who are naive and think they know everything while they don't know sh*t lool. I mean come on, why pay all this money for the ijoke while you could have a ipod touch, which is half the price and almost has everything the iphone got. It's just nonsense. I hope one day the ijoke users wake up, and realize that they are really a jock and that apple is laughing on them :)

  • Visky83

This is not specifically for HTC Bravo, but I hope it's ok I ask here anyway, because I think that people reading this article have knowledge about my question.
I'm not having an android mobile yet but are considering it strongly, especially because I think it could be cool with Google Calendar so you do not need to convert from my normal mobile (S/E) and all that nonsense. But how does Google Calendar look onto an android mobile (in the App, not webinterface)? Can anyone please post a link with a picture of the calendar as I'm only having this one (and it doesn't show if you have multiple calendars in your account.

  • oho

iphone is ijoke, 09 Dec 2009We are here to speak about the great achievements of HTC, n... moreThe only thing they keep argue about when comparing their iJoke with other real smartphones, is the AppStore and the number of apps and games available!!
Go get yourself a PSP!!

  • oho

iphone is ijoke, 09 Dec 2009We are here to speak about the great achievements of HTC, n... moreThe only difference is that you can't use it as a phone?!
Who uses iPhone as a phone already??!

  • iphone is ijoke

We are here to speak about the great achievements of HTC, not the joke called iphone. Enough with it already, every tech guy knows that the iphone should be named the ijoke because it lacks almost everything a smart phone should do. Yet, it is very expensive if you compare it to other smart phones. Seriously, if you like the ijoke just go and get an ipod touch it's 100% the same. The only difference is that you will not be able to use it as a phone. Htc is trying to accomplish something unique and useful. ijoke is only trying to fool people with their funny apps. I really pity you ijoke users, the people in apple are really having a good time laughing on you guys ;D

  • oho

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2009They switch side because they don't know WHAT to do and Wha... more"it's about what you CAN do even with the limitations"
then, what about what you CAN do without limitations ??!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2009that's a blunt LIE! iphone is the old fashioned, it is p... moreThey switch side because they don't know WHAT to do and What an iPhone capable of,it's a smartphone in different ways and only for smart people,i'm not talking about multitasking,it's about what you CAN do even with the limitations.

My friend's 60 years old grandma could use an iPhone cause she knew what she wants in a phone,do some search in the and it's goodbye to her old N95.

Obviously you don't have one so you don't know its true capability.