Nokia officially closing some flagship stores in the US and UK

10 December, 2009
Nokia is obviously reorganizing its retail strategy and those rumors you may have been hearing of actual flagship stores closing are now officially confirmed. The Nokia stores in Chicago, New York, London...

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  • sameer chavan

dont allow carriers to dictate which phone to sell. You guys need to have your own stores. Customers are fooled by carriers and they only push those phones, where they get highest commissions.

  • Anonymous

there are 11 nokia stores, 13 vertu stores and 1 world's first nokia flagship salon in moscow. non of them are planned to closure.

  • Anonymous

Nokia N900 still not available on contract in the uk. No wonder stores are closing,you do need to sell youur products in order to make a profit.

  • Julius

NvS, 13 Dec 2009As a never-nokia fanboy i've been following nokia progress ... moreSame here, the consensus Nokia is not a consensus anymore.

And now they are using deceptive tactics. Lies, if you want.

It's well known that they for long used the "quantity" approach in sales. It worked with dumb and almost-dumb sets, but not know. People expect finished and polished products. They don't like buying 10 incremental model variations just to get the new UI.

And now Nokia says it's going with the "quality" approach.

But it's not true. Look at the variations of the 5800: 5230, 5530, 5235, 5800NAV. Except this last, all others have software updates that should have long be integrated into the original 5800, but are not just to keep sales of different hardware going.

And there are so many wrong tactics, based on the "quantity" idea: the incompatible QT (a nightmare that keeps floating around), the half-baked products released, the lack of a good ecosystem (who is going to replace Symbian on high end? Maemo and its half-baked products?)

It looks like a dino company that keeps doing mistakes after mistakes, thinking that nobody is listening, while crumbling on its own weight.

  • Sonar

The store in Belgium more specific in Antwerp is also closing down !

grz from belgium

  • NvS

As a never-nokia fanboy i've been following nokia progress in my country in 2009 :

1)In lower market nokia slowly began to loose its market,eaten by chinese low budget phones,with less than $80 you'll get a phone with QWERTY keypad,dual SIM card,camera,micro SD,bluetooth,some even have facebook mobile & eBuddy it and average after sale service,of course it's still crappy since it's made from china,but many people with limited budget choose those phones because they offer best value for them with so many features rather than any low budget nokia which offer nothing but basic phone features.

2)Middle segment are even tougher with SE,LG & Samsung continuously beat nokia's so-so mid phones,they have equal features some phones are even better than nokia,cheaper prize,better design & after sale service than nokia.

3)High end segment is no longer in nokia favor,cause many people choose blackberry or even iPhone than N97,many complaint with N97's performance & design,and they are tired being toyed buying a high end nokia phone with $500 only to get upset 3 months later because it drops to $250..!!!

So that's it nokia,2010 isn't gonna be yours anymore,it's up to other phones to take nokia share according to their segments,for your record my contry is one of the biggest nokia market,at least until early 2009.

BTW,the coffin's ready and the party is about to start soon,let's dance on its grave.

  • Anonymous

Deep space bar, 11 Dec 2009It's just like how apple claims they have 1million download... moreNokia admits that ovi pales in cimparisson Apples AppStore, he said watching Twitter replies is like getting punched in the face, lol

nokia also admitted in 2007 of copying apple, and in 2008 nokia CEO admitted that apple has woken up the industry

  • Anonymous

NvS, 12 Dec 2009To all iPhone users -- that includes me : Stop bashing n... morereal creative there, not really, but an interesting approach to bashing

ANYWAYS, anybody who is dumb enough to believe that a company the size of Nokia is showing signs of downfall over the closing of a measly THREE stores should go back to economics and pay attention this time around, an announcement like this isnt going to raise money for a dying company, I mean whats a few hundred thousand or even a couple millions in the face of BILLIONS, pocket change, at best, so thats clear enough that they arent raising money to stay afloat

then theres the fact that two of said three stores are in the United States where, rather regretably, Nokia doesnt have a strong following or market base, its market share is in the single digits, quite the contrast to its dominating 35-ish percent global share, this adds weight to the notion of this being a new marketing strategy to use more mainstream retailers to sell their product as opposed to direct sales, and in my opinion its a solid move to make given the circumstances, theyd get on more shelves in more places for better exposure to the American public, which on its own is already a plus, the only thing is that most of their top models will be sold as unlocked without going through that carrier nonsense and their resulting subsidies on devices, and the unfair price comparisons that result from that as too many of my fellow Americans cant seem to compare oranges to oranges very well

  • NvS

pcdsim, 11 Dec 2009Where in this article does Apple come in? This article is a... moreTo all iPhone users -- that includes me :

Stop bashing nokia by this news,it's quite impolite saying bad things in other's funeral,in this case nokia funeral...wait a minute it's not dead yet?no?but soon,of course..anyway talking bad about the dying or whatever its states now is not good,let's make donation for the funeral shall we?

R.I.P. Nokia,i'm surely not gonna miss you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009obviously quite thick but let me say it again, the 5800 may... morefor all those debates about who did it first, n bla bla blas, I was a SE fan, n couple of years back i remember my w810i had a single charge/data transfer cable. that was b4 the iphone!
Hopefully im rational, n not a stupid dumbo who throws his money away on data plans. so i never will own an iphone. its crapy for music, n therz no multitasking. Prefer hav an ipod touch in my pocket for all the fun(gaming, multimedia, web browsing) n a nokia phone whicj literally can do it all. Its no use having this n that number of apps when what u want is not possible as such on the iphone/ipod touch. nokia has few apps, but u can definitely hav good tools, b it from ovi, or simply sign ur own apps from websites u download.
I feel sorry for SE coz they havnt been able to build on w810. even the w995 lacks stuff to b the complete package. w995 would hav been a must 2 years ago. seems se only release stuffs only wen ppl hav used better features from other manufacturers

  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009Deep Space Bum keeps talking rubbish on here lol Where a... moreOnly childish people make fun of peoples names therefore "you are the childish one....good bye"

  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009Deep Space Bum keeps talking rubbish on here lol Where a... moreI get what i need and not what i want that's what ever iphone user will never understand

  • Anonymous

pcdsim, 11 Dec 2009Where in this article does Apple come in? This article is a... moreit happens all too often, its pretty much standard operating procedure

  • Anonymous

Deep space bar, 11 Dec 2009It's just like how apple claims they have 1million download... moreDeep Space Bum keeps talking rubbish on here lol

Where are you getting your figures from? Quite clearly made them up, just like every comment you make here is made up, including your childish name, Deep Space Bum. The figures below are taken straight from itunes:

113,000 apps, most are games (22,000) but the useless apps youre talking about are under the entertaiment section, of which there are 15,000 apps, and only half of them are useless, the others are actually entertaining. So lets give you the benefit of the doubt and call it 10,000. So 10% of the appstore is "useless". Everything thats not games or entertainment falls under books, business, education, finance, health and fitness, lifestyle, medical, navigation, news, photography, productivity, reference, social networking, travel, utilities, or weather. All of which are useful, meaningful apps.
So basically two thirds (about 70,000 apps) of the AppStore's apps are useful (ie not games or entertaimnent).

Can your crappy 5800 do this?

or this?

or this?

or this?

No you can't. And these are things you would normally never think your phone could do, but are now important. I use the Flixter app and urbanspoon app almost every week, its brilliant.

And I also have loads of games on my phone, games which you will NEVER be able to play on your 5800 and the N900 will probably not have either because Ovi is a disaster.

  • ben

so nokia fans should be thinking of buying another brand of phone like me that just wanna sell my crappy nokia to buy a samsung phone
im so happy that nokia is gonna be a part of history soon :D

  • pcdsim

Deep space bar, 11 Dec 2009It's just like how apple claims they have 1million download... moreWhere in this article does Apple come in? This article is about N-O-K-I-A, not Apple. Again, THIS IS ABOUT NOKIA!!!!

  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009Here's a source, the Wall Street Journal:- http://online... moreIt's just like how apple claims they have 1million downloads lol....i made a flash counter i grade 9 on a p3 years ago so obviously it's so hype fest cause it's such a lie and 100,000 apps my ass
More like 20,000 and the rest is gargabe apps .even iphone users tell me the app store doesn't have100,000 only 20,000 and 1000 are actually useful ....pretty sad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009well when your data port and charging port are one in the s... moreApart from having one cable in the box where other phone's have a cable attached to the charger, a data cable and sometimes a TV out cable.

Credit should be given for the environmental savings alone.

Then there's the fact that all current iPod's use the same cable and can share the charger, the iPhone wall charger can also charge other phone's using the phone's data cable, even the 5800 can be charged using the custom cable you have to buy aftermarket.

Huawei has started copying the idea with their phone's the come with a wall charger with a USB port and a single cable for charging and data transfer.

Apple were also the first to use small packaging in order to fit more phone's in a box, ship, truck whatever which was copied by Nokia with the Black N79 environmental model.

  • ND

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009is flagship stores is a place to test phone??Flagship store is just like a mobile phone galleria. It shows out all of the models there.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009It is packaged with one cable which will charge the iPhone ... morewell when your data port and charging port are one in the same a USB cable is more necesity than luxury, so im not going to give them any sort of credit for doing something that had to be done