HTC release software fix for the HD2 camera *pink spot* issues

10 December, 2009
HTC HD2 certainly is a fine piece of technology - we've got the review up there to prove it. Unfortunately its 5 megapixel camera seems to have a rather *pink* spot for images plaguing every other unit...

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  • Gaz

Thought I would post a comment out of courtesy for GSM Arena providing the link!!!!
Installed the update from the link really easily. Hotfix installed without any problems. I have ROM version 1.48.405.2(71294)WWE on my HTC HD2.
I have some videos on Youtube that suffered from the pink spot. Hopefully this will fix it.
Thanks GSM Arena.


when try to install this bad word come this hotfix is not compatible with your device somebody can help me?


not working for my hd2 either ROM 1.66.707.1(76641)WWE why?????

  • sad

this device is able to photo only sunset

  • Irfan Jethwa

Yes, the hot fix surely works. Just copy it to your phone and install it.

  • cold_fire

The digital picture enhancement is not working on HD2 with ROM 1.66.405.2 (76641) WWE. The pink is still there. Take a look

  • Adnan

and i have installed hotfix for the pink spot ...but m still having the same problem,it dint remove the pink spot from camera,,,what should i do ?? any sugestions?

  • Adnan

just to inform you that ROM update is not for the mobile operators handset,,,,,is there any ROM version(Upgrade) available for the HTC HD2 provided by O2 in united kingdom???????

  • Anonymous

springmate, 17 Jan 2010why is it that it is not allowing me to download the upgrad... moreyou don't need to execute the file on your laptop. Just copy it your phone in some folder. Go to that folder using file explorer and tap the file. It will ask you to install the patch.

  • springmate

why is it that it is not allowing me to download the upgrade. i keep on getting the error message 'LEO_ 07477.exe is not a valid Win32 application' despite the fact that I got the application from here. My laptop is also on 32-bit so it is compatible. Please will somebody help me. I am desperate. Thanks very muchh.

  • siavash (iran)

i bought it 3weeks ago !
fortunately i havent any problem with this phone and camera of this phone!but i install this program!
about question i can said battery life good for calling sending sms not listing to music and like this !ireally love it!!

  • buzz

is the pinkish color in picture still appears if the picture is transferred to a computer?

  • trancehell

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2009Has somebody tried taking pictures of something that is pin... moreThis is the most sensible question that should had been asked in the first place...
Take photos of some different nuances of pink at different lighting. Same with video-recording.
Take photos of gradient between nuances, record some videos, etc.
It's impossible to fix the issue by software means.

  • Asad

Anyone have any idea.. When it will available in Australia? And who already got the HD2 can you tell me about its battery life?

  • Mark

WARNING: The udated ROM is only for HD2 owners of unlocked phones - handsets locked to networks (ie o2, Vodafone, etc) will need to speak to their provider before considering if they can upgrade the ROM (see comments made by the very knowledgeable Anthony in the general comments page for this phone - )

  • Anonymous

Is the ROM update available in the UK yet cause it wont recognise me S/N

  • t0Msha

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009What's wrong with video recording?Video recording also has pink issues.

  • sjaakie

I have had my HD2 for weeks now and have never had pink spot issues at all.
Everything works great. Do i need to upgrade? Or will this have a bad side effect? I am affraid it will back fire so Im stalling my upgrade.

Off topic: Comment to HTC: If you want top beat theh Iphone by Apple, you will need to improve the quality of the sound, because my girlfriends Iphone not only has a better sound quality it also has a much louder speaker (same goes with microphones) that beats the HD2 totally.

Also the Iphone clearly wins the apps war, much more handy apps compared to the WM marketplace. Although WM users can install anyting them selfs including patched cab files for TomTom Navigator etc.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2009What's wrong with video recording?Does the video recording show pink bits?

..interesting, there are sites for that.

  • Anonymous

What's wrong with video recording?