Nexus One is the rumored Google Phone and it's all over the place

14 December, 2009
The Internet is swimming in a sea of Google Phone leaks (started off by Google employees themselves) and it's getting hard to sort out which are true and which are false. And we gotta be honest with you - some...

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  • Anonymous

does anyone know what the res is on this phone?

  • anonymous

hi, i have this phone and it is amazing! it has an application that allows you to know where the constellations are according to your position!

  • zeus

Deep Sapce Bar, 15 Dec 2009My 5800 is better than this!!!!!! XD XD XD HTC sux and A... morebro...
symbian apps?
try getjar or search forums sites..

no videocalling?

video calling is pretty much pointless...
unless the party you are calling has video calling duh....

  • Anonymous

Apparently the phone will cost $199 outright and be offered with FREE DATA with T-Mobile and other carriers around the world. Money will be made through advertising revenue from the AdMob acquisition and new Android features. More info at

  • Virtual

Deep Sapce Bar, 15 Dec 2009My 5800 is better than this!!!!!! XD XD XD HTC sux and A... moreNokia 58000???

Where do I buy one!!!??? *o*

  • Deep Sapce Bar

My 5800 is better than this!!!!!! XD XD XD

HTC sux and Apple sux also. Ive never used their phones because they are not goods whaetsoaever, no video calling OMG are they Last century?????!!!

Here in Canada I buy unlocked phones becuase I like getting screwed over when I could buy a subsidised one and debrand it, but I dont know how, because Im a noob.

And also Apple sux because only 2 apps in the appstores is any goood, the rest are useless, and Google sux because it looks pretty like trying to copies the Apple Mobile Phone OS ten X snow leopard on the go portable edition X OSx.

And I luv symbian on 58000 becuz its better because the screen is resistive, and its so Cold in canada and we need to use sticks on the tuchscrean. Symbaean is also much better because it hard to use and I like a challeange, and you can get 10 million apps for it, but i dont know where from???? And its slow, but its ok because Im a littel slow too!!! hahahahha

HAHAHAHAHAHA So there I make so much sense, you know its trues!!!!!!

  • psychoart

This phone and company (i.e. Google) are really making me want to switch from WM to Android, as hardcore Microsoft fan I am.

First of all, I am tired of the US 3G scam. I cannot even get the best phone in the market (i.e. world market) without having to wait for a US phone carrier to offer the phone. That is BS all the wait.

In fact, I would not even call this competitiveness (with all this ranting of the U.S. with its freedom, and democracy ideologies... BS & etc...). It was about time that someone, or something such as a company did something to this...not madness... but business.

Controlling how mobile phones are sold in the market is definitely a problem in the U.S..

The other real problem is that no mobile phone manufacturers just dare to offer unlocked phone in the U.S. with US 3G supporter.

It seems that Google is the first one, and bravo for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2009Symbian Open Source will kick android in 2010android will rule the market dats for sure
symbian only in your dreamz... lol

  • Teemu

Does anyone know if normal voice calls can be made with this phone or is it ONLY calls via voip?

  • Anonymous

Nagendra Anubhukta, 15 Dec 2009Kudos To the Phone maker and Google. Some one is really get... moreNice review..! but who's Erin?

  • Anonymous

Stanley noronha , 15 Dec 2009nexus successes will begin in 2010 iphone killer !!! thanks Symbian Open Source will kick android in 2010

  • Stanley noronha

nexus successes will begin in 2010 iphone killer !!!

  • Nagendra Anubhukta

Kudos To the Phone maker and Google. Some one is really getting iPhone Killers. For the fact that iPhone is still the best in bread (from all aspects of a Phone Utility & a Game changer). I am glad to see DROID first and then This Guy hopefully that would compete with iPhone. BTW, whats cooking with Apple Yo !!!!. How come they are so silent I am sure some thing is cooking very Apple and might spit out soon. BTW. Google seems to have learnt some tricks from Apple. Good Job Erin!

  • Anonymous

5, 15 Dec 2009Nice! but i think there is no video call? disappointing Buy Symbian Smartphone if you need Good Hardware & Good Feature.

  • deanayev

welcome to the google world, you will be connected with google services, ranging from hardware, software, gadgets, computers, and even may become a new currency, it is more than just search engines anymore

  • WOW

Replace your iphone???!!! Android phones are a long way away from the iphone. Iphone is by far the best there is, just wish apple was not the one that created and managed it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2009No wonder you can't find any devices. I don't know any dev... moreWhat a silly thing to say. The next iphone to be on the same league as the n95 will be a major downgrade for the iphone. You're not making any sense at all. Oh well, all haters don't make any sense so go figure.

  • Anonymous

doesn't need a qwerty, it has built in speech to text that works with ALL apps

  • 5

Nice! but i think there is no video call? disappointing

  • pcplayer

Well, you are "partially" correct. What I heard was "Initially Google would be marketing these phones, "direct" and exclusively their website - and would likely also market the phone through selected current providers". Either way, it should be one heck-of-a-phone . . . . can't wait to sign up for mine! Cheers.