Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 mini photos leak out

26 July, 2015
The more affordable Samsung Galaxy S6 sibling is expected to debut at some point in August.

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  • Anonymous

FAKE!. The Samsung Galaxy S6 ''MINI'' should be stylised ''mini'' like ''edge'' or ''active''.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-486594, 10 Jan 2016Hey there. I have been waiting very patiently for the s6 mini. ... moreSorry, but no as the S6 mini is not even real. You should wait for the S7 mini (hopefully its real) if you can. But if not, the alternative Samsung could be the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini or A3/A3 (2016). Or for Non Samsung, the Sony Xperia Z3/Z5 Compact. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

Clearly fake as Samsung Galaxy S6 ''Mini'' should be ''mini'' like ''edge'' or ''active''. I can't believe no one had figured this out yet. It's just a regular S6 that someone is trying to fool us with, but made a ''Mini'' mistake that's definitely not fooling me. Sorry to let your hope downs people but no, this phone will never be released as its missed the boat for the S6 generation. You should be waiting for the S7 ''mini'' not ''Mini'' in my view.

  • Faizi

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2015I'm sure Samsung confirmed they were not doing the s6 mini due ... moreHy I i use al mini models I really like bcoz small size easy to use and carry and same functions like normal I'm waiting now for s 6 mini

  • Mk

waiting and waiting and waiting for S6 MIni , will it ever arrive or not we in 2016 already

  • amr

When Samsung will realize this phone?especially in egypt

  • AnonD-486594

Anjuhna, 07 Jan 2016What about samsung galaxy s5 neoWhat is the s5 neo like

  • AnonD-486594

stewart, 09 Oct 2015I think Samsung may announce their S6 mini in November and i pre... moreHey there. I have been waiting very patiently for the s6 mini.
my s4 mini is well overdue for an upgrade. I love the Samsung mini's for size and functionality. Is s6 mini actually coming???
is there any alternative to it?
My email is

  • Anjuhna

What about samsung galaxy s5 neo

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2015The problem with Samsung that makes a lot of people prefer Apple... moreI really respect your opinion because its very fair for samsung

  • Shaikot

Most of the phone of samsung audio quality is so bad. I hope galaxy s6 mini will not be one of them. if its audio quality will be
voice-92/crosstalk-96; then it will be the perfect phone from another phones.


What about the RAM?

  • stewart

I think Samsung may announce their S6 mini in November and i predict the following specs for it:
4.7" inch super amoled display with FHD(1080p) resolution along with gorilla glass protection, fingerprint scanner.
it may come with an Exynos 7420 or snapdragon 808 chipset with octacore processor and android 5.1(lollipop).
it might include a 16gb internal storage with micro SD expansion slot up to 128gb.
it is rumoured that it will have 16mp rear camera along with 5mp selfie camera on front.
it will have the features of wifi, wifi direct,dlna, NFC, IR blaster,GPS,4g connectivity,stereo sound rec and MHL -tv out . also there is important sensors plus heart rate sensor. it is said that it might also support wireless and turbo charging as its bigger brother s6.
as i guess the dimensions should be: 135mm x 66mm x 8.1mm with 130g weight.
it might be possible that it will come with dual Sim support and 2600mah non-removable battery capacity.
the design will be same as its bigger sibling galaxy s6. there is a hope that the camera will not be protruding as s6.
if the specs mentioned above comes out true I and many others will strongly go for it.

  • igor

Any news? Anyone mows when they will release the Galaxy s6 mini?

  • neba ela

I am not that anxious cuz the mini version of s6 is about to be realised, s5 is by far better than it!

  • AnonD-439323

It will likely come to ATT and US Cellular since that is who the GS5 mini was release through.

  • S6mini-patient fan

Can't wait until Thursday 13th August!
Gosh! please Samsung just release the S6 mini, along with the S6 edge plus and Note 5.
The S6 mini might have similar dimensions to the S3 slim.
Can't wait for the full spec sheet to leak! 😀

  • scott1964

Any idea who the carriers for the S6 Mini will be?

  • scott1964

What carrier might be carrying the S6 Mini in the USA?

  • Anonymous

The problem with Samsung that makes a lot of people prefer Apple is that there's a lot of "choice". If you don't understand much about smartphones and go to a Samsung store to get a new phone for you, you'll probably stay there for a long time to choose something because you don't understand which one is better for you. With Apple is much more simple, you'll get there and they'll say to you "if you want the better one, choose the newest. If you don't want the best, choose the previous." Simple as that.

Note that I'm not an "Apple sheep" as well, I'm a proud owner of an Galaxy A7 and there's a lot more advantages with Android than with the iOS, I just wanted to explain how it works for the people who doesn't know much about smartphones.