Motorola Moto X Style and Moto X Play announced with 21MP cameras

28 July, 2015
The flagship Moto X Style comes with a 5.7 QHD display and Snapdragon 808, the Moto X Play sports a 5.2 FullHD panel and runs on the S615.

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  • chethan

Plz reduce the cost as possible, bcz 28999 it's a huge amount for this product. Plz reduce the cost we r waiting to purchase.

  • Niks

Hi Sir / Madam,

I am waiting for Moto X- Style & Play to be launch in India.
Request to launch as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

not impressed with moto g specs sd 410 is good on moto e...they could have gone straight to sd615 or at least sd610...good thing for maintaining the form factor n sd card..nice to have water resistance and good job on camera...but they should have kept 2gb ram as default with 8/16 gb option...

also 2 variants for moto x make no bounced back coz they kept it simple and small... e(entry), g(mid) and x(high)...

now next year we will have upto six models by this rate...

also a screen size bump by 1-2" is understood...I own moto X(2013) was thinking of updating to moto X(2015) if the screen size was maintained...but from 4.7" to 5.7"... it will be unwieldy...

no phones left other than xperia z3c in the compact phone category... all others have larger screen to body ratio...

  • Daniel

leo.d.monkey, 30 Jul 2015X Play looks perfect until i saw the screen size... it's a fu#$i... moreThe size actually isn't that bad. Probably would be a tad taller than the Galaxy S5. Try to take into consideration the Screen-to-body ratio.

  • leo.d.monkey

X Play looks perfect until i saw the screen size... it's a fu#$ing phablet

This is ridiculous... now to launch too different models of phablets it's beyond retarded .

  • Hydromisco

I am naturally suprised by the screen sizes; would would think that if two sizes were going to be released, one would be < 5". I suspect Motorola is cashing in on the Moto X history. They forgot why Moto X became so popular. Very very poor show. I will continue using my moto X 2013. Shut up and let me keep my money!

hi, Motorola is owned by Lenovo? they've got Lenovo phones Motorola phones so what else they gonna have next time?
aesthetically they look so impressive especially with their respective combination of covers in neon colors the big question is do they have the power to attract with those high end specs.

  • An Argentinan User

I had high hopes for Moto G 3rd gen, but it remained almost the same to 2nd Gen, so now I was intrested in getting the X Play. Why would they not release it in the US? Phones in argentina are deadly expensive, so getting them in the US is like our only hope.
Really REALLY disapointed they dont release it in the US.

Probably getting X 2nd Gen instead.

5.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens? No thank you.
Moto should finally come to its senses and release a 9-inch phone already. And advertise it to be "ahead of the trend!".
5.1-5.2 inch screens are best in hand if bezels are small. Anything bigger and you can't use it with one hand.

I respected Motorola for not going crazy-chinese-style huge-screen who-cares size in Moto X and actually caring for usability. That respect just vaporized. 5.5 inch as a smaller device? Nutz.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-322352, 28 Jul 2015Motorola has never used a chipset that isn't made by Qualcomm be... moreactually they have used Intel for Motorola Razr I.

  • Anonymous

the tech nerd, 29 Jul 2015Both phones are looking cool ,but will they still get updates?Very unlikey. Motorola is now owned by Lenovo. So, instant update of android version from Google will be gone too I guess. It will take a few months before android M made available to this 3 new phone. Poor motorola.

Both phones are looking cool ,but will they still get updates?

  • AnonD-416034

I'm totally gonna buy this thing
the ability to add a storage expansion is a very smart move motorola..
i'm loving this

  • Anonymous

AnonD-285148, 29 Jul 2015Yes i so agree with you. 5 inches screen would be perfect! This ... moreThis year is all about the 'plus size model'. Phablet is ruling 2015 smartphone market. People are already tired of small screen and eyes problem are increasingly worrying. We have phablet so, the next step to reduce the complain is to launch 'mini' category smartphone which they already did.

  • AnonD-285148

Yes i so agree with you. 5 inches screen would be perfect! This phone is way bigger considering the moto x 1st gen. Plz Moto if you are goin to release two phones make one smaller like a 5 inch screen or a 5.2 inch max, dont release two phones which have almost the same screen size.

  • new

go on moto make the next mobile 6.7 inch screen and then 11.7 inch WTH!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I don't get sub type c is so important. Considering people praised G4 but is 200$ more expensive

  • AnonD-237381

...Man Of Steel..., 28 Jul 2015Why the Moto X style is US exclusive?????why don't they release ... moreUS exclusive? What are you talking about? I'm from Brazil and they will release all 2 models of the Moto G and Moto X Play and Style here.

While motorola is back in business, I don't see the flagships being famous. The moto g has much higher chances to succeed because it's not huge.
5,5 and 5,7? No no motorola, If I wanted a shoe I would buy a shoe. It's way too big.

  • AnonD-237381

regs, 28 Jul 2015And here we go again. The smartphone is powered... It's not a sm... moreHigher resolutions are useful when you need to crop a photo...