Samsung Omnia II gets white and enjoys some hacked Sense UI

16 December, 2009
The Samsung I8000 Omnia II has just been updated with HTC Sense UI by a hacked firmware. We also spotted the first shots of a ceramic white version of this uber-phone, so HTC HD2 might just have lost...

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this phone is the biggest piece of shit ever I HATE IT, if i could punch the screen every time it lagged it would be in pieces by now. i have the omnia 2 and bought it off a friend, and am completely regretting it and going back to my ancient gravity T by samsung. is there no way to fix the lag in everything i do on the phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2009huh?!? we don't get ityoure dumb

  • Jip

the sense ui is belong to HTC. Somebody who is not samsung just hack it from hd2 firmware and put it in omnia for their enjoyment.

  • Andrew Tan

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2009omnia II steals the ui from hd2 thats why its so laggy and ... moreThe sense UI is somebody job, not from Samsung, it is lagging because Samsung not official support OpenGL ES 1.0 which still use by HTC.

IF sense UI is done unider OpenGL ES 2.0, I believe it will work like a charm.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2009that will solve world hunger wouldn't it, sap!huh?!? we don't get it

  • Anonymous

omnia II steals the ui from hd2 thats why its so laggy and not performing well..yes they porting the sense ui in ages but in htc phones only

  • Setsuka

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2009Regardless of the colour CAN ANYONE explain Samsungs decisi... moreThe missing of auto rotation is probably because of the OS,and probably the sensor for auto rotate which samsung used isn't the best quality sensor.

I've used the 1st omnia before,the auto rotation seems to work fine in early usage,its sensitivity will decrease after more than 6 months usage,also it becomes a bit slow and lag if you opened more than 5 once,be it's in office app.the games,or even in the main menu screen.

I'm comparing my iPhone 3Gs auto rotate sensor with the 1st omnia,omnia II,even with HD2,my conclusion is the OS differences count for different performance,cause the 3Gs never lags like those phones,note that 3Gs has the limited multitasking unlike winmo,and auto rotate works in Apps.but not in the home screen.

I actually prefer the auto rotate system like in the 1st omnia,which works through the whole screen menu,not to mention some cool animated effects during auto rotate,i miss that feature in 3Gs.

So probably samsung decide to reduce the auto rotate function in order to gain better performance of omnia II.

BTW i like that white version omnia II,too bad it's still in winmo,it'll be a different story if the phone OS is Android or Mac.

  • Anonymous

design and UI looks nice . but the response issue is an err -_- . will sense UI be able to fix that ?

  • Anonymous

Regardless of the colour CAN ANYONE explain Samsungs decision to cripple the rotating function in the OMNIA 2 fone ???
The rotating feature only works with Camera and Web browser NOT any Business Apps such as MS Office Word and Excel.
Samsung and Telstra inform me that Samsung made a decision NOT to enable this rotating feature. This feature works fine on a Om1 so why NOT OM2 ??
This is not a Business Solution fone without this feature.
What is the point of increasing the screen real-estate and then removing the rotaing feature in Word and Excel?

  • ahhhh???

thank god im not buy this phone yet
white looks better

  • N900

[deleted post]And you are trying to say Engadget doesnt have any hate/bias at all ???!?!?

they hate anything Nokia and love Apple.. SO no matter how hard Nokia tries engadget will try to spoil it.. When GSMArena only says the neutral information so it seems like gsmarena has bias, so actually its Engadget's hate of anything Nokia - Which Is the problem not GSMArena, they are good without any Bias.. If you dont like then GTFO, thank you.

  • Anonymous

that's why i love winmo....

  • tko

go to they have been porting the sense ui / touchflo ui to other phones for ages already..

  • trancehell

I hope the wrist-strap instruction on the back of the white phone are printed ON A STICKER you can peel off... Otherwise, I'll ROTFL...

  • Anonymous

z, 16 Dec 2009the UI are so slow.......well might aswell go back to the old siemans type phones from 10 years ago! stop and think before you post on here as it's getting old now reading the same comments on every review or post... phones are better than ever and you should accept that they don't also do your washing up and put the kettle on (unless there is an App for it)

  • Anonymous

SEX2, 16 Dec 2009stupid, monitoring new posts just to be 1st... anyway, i... morethat will solve world hunger wouldn't it, sap!

  • z

the UI are so slow.......

  • Anonymous

Looks good and looks unusable lol.

  • Anonymous

winmo lucky htc can tweak winmo ui... but overall winmo is bad os for me. Symbian is BETTER.