Microsoft announces which Lumias will get Windows 10 first

31 July, 2015
Aside from these, even more Lumia-branded handsets could get the update to Windows 10 in the future.

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  • ANIL

Nokia Lumia 730 receive wp10 update?

  • akhil

jaydeep, 03 Jan 2016how make to update my 640 XL.?just download app (update advisor) for store

  • jaydeep

why have so late for update.? i am waiting for to U.DATE WP 10..***

  • jaydeep

how make to update my 640 XL.?

  • Genius

Hello Peeps!

Happy new year!

i tried the preview version of W10 in my L-1320 and MS-L-640 XL dual and the results were far from devastating. Luckily enough I had some gist on how to roll back.

W10 comes with nice goodies for a mobile but heavy demands on the devices. To start with, I love Internet Explorer because of speed and data sense capabilities, edge browser does not have data saving modes

Secondly, I love MSN News application [8.1 uodate 2] gives us options to adjust font styles and Windows 10, this option is not will use the default font sizes via ease of access.

Battery consumption is higher on windows 10, unless with a huge RAM and high end processor in MS-L-950/XL would be better but I am yet to get one in my hands.

the preview version is laggish and loves android 4.1 version of my Galaxy note 1.

Above all, I still got a lot of love for MS-Lumia and I am Optimistic that all will be sorted well.

Bye for now

  • parag60288

Shouldn't there be lumia 730 in that list...?

  • AnonD-200220

Wtf Microsoft I just bought the 930 for it your making me wait more though I like this boxy phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-384554, 03 Dec 2015i have a Lumia 640 and its the best phone iv ever bought. a... moreIts too slow , with windows 10 it grinds to a halt

  • AnonD-384554

i have a Lumia 640 and its the best phone iv ever bought. and i cant wait for the update to happen.

  • sudhichozhiyakkattil

why so late .. lot of people moving to android and other ...its too late ,,i have lumia 1520 i was waiting fro windows 10 but now i came to know that windows 10 will not get firdt on my device ,,what a terrible news .. 1520 is the only high end phone Nokia ever released ,, not even to 1520 then microsoft have to move your business from phone to any other slow coming market

  • AnonD-3557

Why isn't the Lumia 1020 in the first line up? My upgrade is due in December - if Windows delays Windows 10 I may move over to Jolla

  • AnonD-427209

I am very disappointed from windows phones. I hope that W10 will fix everything that I don't like, otherwise I will get android again.......

  • mobileindian

plz microsoft release 4..5 inch screen with amoled display phones.

  • AnonD-41837

AnonD-83364, 02 Aug 2015Just looking at those lumia models, they all have 1 GB of r... moreNot according to the tech preview

  • AnonD-41837

Sean, 02 Aug 2015Just judging from that list they are all Lumia devices that... moreThe tech preview functioned very well on 512mb ram devices, so I don't see why the consumer release should be any different. Performance has never been Windows phones problem.

  • AnonD-83364

Just looking at those lumia models, they all have 1 GB of ram an have quad core processors. This makes sense. However I think Windows 10 mobile will have a hard time on devices with only 512 mb of ram.

  • Sean

Just judging from that list they are all Lumia devices that have 1 gb of RAM and quad core processors. So naturally you would want to get Windows 10 mobile pushed out to those guys. I personally can't see how well Windows 10 mobile function on a device with only 512 MB of RAM.

  • hemang

Hey this unfortunate that Lumia 730 Ds is not in top 10 list of earlier win 10 mobile. As this phone outperform many devices in list of top 10, What are u doing Microsoft, also GDDR 2 update comes to lumia 735 & 830 but no update still comes on Lumia 730(:

  • Troilus

I just hope that Lumia 1020 will not be taken away from the list of devices to be upgraded to windows 10.

  • uclid

In my opinion FIRST launched model under the banner of MS Lumia 730 DS should have been in the first list keeping in view that this is the model that has given a break through in sales of lumia of premium price bracket. Apart from this 730 has facilitate the sale of other followed model globally.