Weekly poll: Motorola G,X Play and Style & OnePlus 2 - Hot or Not

02 August, 2015
One of the most exciting weeks in a while is behind us, and we witnessed two of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone launches of the year - the Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) and the OnePlus 2.

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Umbilical Noose, 02 Aug 2015Oneplus Two is definitely hot. It is using SD810 :p I know th... moreIt was reviewed to be cooler than the LG G4 (S808) on the HTC M9. You can check it already on notebookcheck.net

why is Moto X Play not listed ??

Oneplus Two is definitely hot. It is using SD810 :p

I know they said they fixed it but won't believe it until we get a full review.

  • samsung devloper

Its been a hell of a week for middle segment budget phones but despite all we have been shown i would go for one plus two.
The reason is they have improved the camera, seriously with OIS and LASER AUTO you can get pictures comparable to S6 (which is the best camera out there).
Second is the fingerprint sensor see the reviews it is faster than apples touch id,
Third is battery ..oneplus was smart and innovative enough to keep the screen fullHD NOT QHD because it just drains power..the battery can last easily a day with less pixels to give power to.,and last but not the least the alert slider or button..its amazing to have something unique in your phone not to mention the 810 processor which does not overheat and is backed up by 4 gb of ram.
Talking about moto style the first thing that puts me of is design, i mean who loves shiny speakers on front of the phone not only on top but even down the screen,
Second is the camera , its given rating lower than s6 , so moto you are telling me that your 21 mp camera cannot beat 16mp of samsung, does not have OIS well thank you i am satisfied with a 13mp which gives better output rather than a 21 mp which lacks OIS.
Third is the processor , sure its good but if compared to OPT it lags. And last the battery..its funny that a company like moto gives QHD without supporting the enough battery required to power the resolution..

  • SDKforLumia

where is Moto X Play polling bar?

  • walkman8

Motorolas delivered their promises, while OnePlus2, "flagship killer 2016" (lol), obviously didn't.

  • AnonD-422891

Motorola thumb up because, they didn't blow out my mind on specs wise but they make very nice phone with what really needed for a very decent price. From the high end to the lowest. I was wondering about the Motorola camera pictures but now they are one of the sweetest camera in the market.

i say oneplus 2 as not because it lacks nfc and microsd slot and screen resolution is the same as previous generation(FullHD not QHD).