Our new voting system and why it was necessary

04 August, 2015
We scrapped the old voting system and got mixed feedback, but it's for the best - here's why.

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Rheggiey, 05 Aug 2015I like the old gsm arena look Dont like it ...................

  • AnonD-428852

Bharath, 30 Dec 2015The person who is reviewing should have the device only then the... moreYou're right 👍

  • Bharath

The person who is reviewing should have the device only then they can do it. So when someone wants to rate about a phone they should be given a unique url to confirm that they actually have the phone and only then be allowed :)

  • panicker

I love the related devices panel, that is very helpful. But please modify your phone finder to enable search for tablets too.

  • Rheggiey

I like the old gsm arena look

  • AnonD-85574

I also think this is a better way, but please use Disqus for main site and blog comments
or at least give an explanation about that too

  • Anonymous

Yuri84, 05 Aug 2015Thats because old phones aren't necessarily bad. They're just no... moreit doesn't matter todays phones are big and bad coz these are the only options for buyers. if i go for old..... yeah old phones then i don't remember any other stylus and sexy designed phone than Motorola Razr v; but this is not valid to sing about that phone after 10 years. i hope my point is clear.

  • AnonD-257034

rolland, 05 Aug 2015Disqus didn't work well with mobile bowser like Opera Mini. G... moreDisqus worked flawlessly on Chrome for Android and Safari.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2015hi gsmarena! its ok to change the UI of your site and removing v... moreThats because old phones aren't necessarily bad. They're just not fresh-new with all-old features. Oh, did I say all-old? Look at today's phones. Look at phones 1-2 years ago. Spot 10 differences. Other than design and dropping prices. Well, thats it. More powerful processor, bigger battery to work with that processor, ridiculously big screen and... basically, its the same device for more money.

  • Anonymous

hi gsmarena! its ok to change the UI of your site and removing voting system and adding new feature as Top 10 By Fans is great. but in these top 10 there are the devices which are more than 2 or 3 years old. some of them have been discontinued even by Company. then what the profit to show top 10 devices by fanclub. please remove these old devices and here the devices from current year. add some more categories under this feature. it should be classified by price group. at least three categories should be there by fans. first category should contain mobiles from entry level to mid midrange, second from midrange to mid premium and third one should contain only premium devices. i think this would help buyers better

  • rolland

AnonD-81483, 04 Aug 2015implement disqus in the whole site, not just blogDisqus didn't work well with mobile bowser like Opera Mini.

GSMArena is a site focusing on mobile phone, so it's only natural the site should be easily accessible (to read and comment) from any mobile browser.

  • rocknroll

Wow I've visited gsmarena for years yet I never voted even once :D

  • AnonD-54125

I like this idea. I hope it weeds out the trolls.

One caveat though, it's too easy to have multiple accounts.

Maybe you would link accounts to ip addresses. Making it harder to post with multiple accounts. Just a suggestion.

This was much needed. It was annoying whenever a new Samsung device came out and the scores were sub~4, and all the Sony and Nokias were getting 8-9s. Annoying fanboys/haters.

  • Discerning

Hi Gsmarena, do you now what Disqus is ? And why does it really matter ?

  • AnonD-97197

Great thinking. Either you love it or don't care about it. If you love it, become a fan. Otherwise, go away!

  • Anonymous

judges, 04 Aug 2015Nice. I think the problem rooted from fanboys multiple accounts ... moreand what would you do about the cupertino Pr team when they own email domains and have zillions of employees, you saw their phone historically never appearing in those charts till lately, then give or take the fluctuation of a few genuine fans they stuck at @46 000 ,and if they got pushed down they'd float back there for the weekly article. Change is good. The real problem that @ duel , won't point to is ,find a mockingly written, tongue in cheek article written about apple and its products,(And you wont.) and for every one you can't, find( And you wont.) I'll find you 20 Prasad & Co, mockery slanted story content filled ones, about samsung. Unbiased means unbiased, fans ,and products biased story editors included. I'd like, for just once, to come on to my favourite tech site, to read about all the tech news and my favourite phones without a wall of transparent, samsungs flooding the phone market and taking over, fear and hate based comments.
A little regular (just a little.) criticism of apple from the gsma team in their stories, and as much blocking of samsung spoilers on a samsung thread as they do to samsung defenders, would go a long way. Before you say, oh on the apple threads..., i don't go on the threads of a company I dont agree with, who's products, don't impress or indeed hold any interest for me, check out my ip and verify, that surely would be madness, wouldn't it.

  • AnonD-416191

change this stupid design already ;(((((((

  • AnonD-274518

Mmmmmm we still lead dear....

  • Anonymous

good job gsmarena, this is definitely an excellent "voting" system.