Counterclockwise: smartphone OS obituaries

09 August, 2015
While iOS and Android dominate the market now, there's a rich history of dominant OSes that faded away and are now all but forgotten.

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AJSC42, 10 Aug 2015I had an LG Viewty Smart running S-Class and loved it! Glad I'm ... moreHUGE fan of the entire Viewty line. The Viewty, Renoir, Arena, Viewty Smart, and Viewty Snap rocked. I still have all of them working properly. The S-Class on Arena, V-Snap and V-Smart is smooth and the phone seems balanced. Doesn't freeze or lag. LG Viewty Smart was one sweet piece of machine.. despite its cool features, the camera was a huge downgrade from the LG Renoir super fine 8 MP camera.. video recording at its best! But the music player sounded delicious in your ears lol

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Oldy, 10 Aug 2015I only every tried 1 LG "S-Class" phone, the BL40 'New... moreHaha thats funny. My friends here in the US used the LG Chocolate and I had the LG Arena.. for whatever reason the Arena ran "smooth" compared to the Chocolate. The Arena's browser was slow and clunky would freeze and collapse the phone sometimes. However my friend's LG Chocolate would freeze over something as silly as changing song, or rocking the volume.. it was weird.. their camera would collapse on itself too haha. The S-Class on Arena and Viewty Smart was pretty solid

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AnonD-212727, 10 Aug 2015Anyone remember LG S-Class "OS"? :D I really liked t... moreI had an LG Viewty Smart running S-Class and loved it! Glad I'm not the only one :)

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AnonD-212727, 10 Aug 2015Anyone remember LG S-Class "OS"? :D I really liked t... moreI only every tried 1 LG "S-Class" phone, the BL40 'New Chocolate'. It was super frustrating to use because EVERYTHING was so laggy as to appear unresponsive. It felt like they strapped their touch UI on a processor too slow to handle it.

What I really miss is WebOS. An alternative to iOS that seemed almost as well thought out and polished, as opposed to the random mishmash of design and concept that was Android *of the time*.

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Anyone remember LG S-Class "OS"? :D
I really liked that interface concept.

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thank u for the review gsmarena

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Some factual inaccuracies over here.

Windows Phone 7 debut in Q4 2010, not 2011, with phones from LG, HTC (eg. HD7) and Samsung.

Web OS in smartphones breathed its last in 2011 with the release of HP Veer, and not 2010's Palm Pre 2.

Bada was not created out of Nokia-Intel's Maemo/Meego, but developed by Samsung itself. It was killed after Samsung started collaboration with Intel to form Tizen (which is evolved from Meego).

User, 09 Aug 2015So Microsoft never tasted success fruit in mobile platform ?Windows Mobile was sort of popular in 2004 to 2007 mostly in the US, the competition was Symbian and Blackberry, but WM remain kind of popular in the US until the iPhone came out...

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Devices used to work for the end user, now they work for the developers.

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The best was the Series 40 OS. It was renamed Asha at some point. In 2011 one could purchase the Nokia C3 with similar specs to the iPhone for around $200 new. Great little device. But Asha development stopped around 2013 or so...the most advanced device was the 311 full touch which had gestures and features from Meego. Now its in Microsoft's hands and they will let it die.

Wish I could get a Series 40 device with a modern camera and FLAC support. If Microsoft really wanted to sell phones, they would do it.

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User, 09 Aug 2015So Microsoft never tasted success fruit in mobile platform ?Exactly, sad story, don't you think?

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Let's call it a day. Ride safe!

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Anonymous, 09 Aug 2015sailfish?this article about dead mobile os sailfish still survive

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It is unfortunate that we have less now, WebOS, Maemo, Kin and Symbian; all of them offered different ideas about what an interface should be, now all i see is the same thing, it does not matter if you use iPhone or an android phone, they work almost the same way.

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AnonD-340618, 09 Aug 2015Actually The Lumia 925 was a Windows Phone 8 device from the sta... moreNo Windows Mobile Device Got updated to Windows Phone 7 'Officially' that was done by the Rom and Developers at XDA and was a pretty good job back then :D

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this article makes me wonder if future mobile OSes will be entirely different than today.
what mobile OS we will see in, 15 or 25 years in future ?

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[deleted post]calm down man, no one insult android in article, why are you so anti apple.
I'm long time android user and I see the article is quite good even without mention of android.

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what about bada?

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And still maemo5 is the best