Moto 360 successor possibly leaked in a tweet by Motorola

14 August, 2015
Motorola might have accidentally leaked the successor of the Moto 360 smartwatch on Twitter. A render of a mysterious wearable device appeared in one of the manufacturer’s official tweets earlier today.

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  • apo

Huawei watch? Is it on sale yet?

  • Anonymous

Stadtionalist, 15 Aug 2015You basically got three options: A) Incorporate all compone... moreStop making invalid excuses. Huawei Watch is similar to Moto 360 minus the flat tyre. No thick bezel too.

  • GG

If the battery lasts at least 3 days, I'm totally getting it.

  • Eske Rahn

Stadtionalist, 15 Aug 2015You basically got three options: A) Incorporate all compone... moreYou forgot a fourth option: d) Let the rim-attachment case part hold the display connector as well...

  • Stadtionalist

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2015The Moto Flat tyre returned. Motorola still can't develop f... moreYou basically got three options: A) Incorporate all components into the bezel, creating a fairly thick bezel around the display, which looks cheap. B) Incorporate all components below the display, creating a fairly thick watch overall, which looks cheap and bulky or C) Incorporate most components in a 'flat tire', keeping the bezels and watch itself sleek but create a cheaper looking display, especially when turned on. Imho the latter is still the best way, due to the esthetics of the watch itself.

  • Katflakes`

I don't see why is everyone so upset about Moto 360 not having a full-circular display.
I think this shape is something different, and having just a full circle would make this watch look like, well, a generic smartwatch.
I think it is a nice touch, plus, that full-circle won't give you much of an advantage while using it, anyways. I mean, really, what is to whine about here. :I
People being people, got to whine about something nevertheless of how it is.

  • AnonD-190634

I don't think this is the new moto360 :S

  • Anonymous

The Moto Flat tyre returned. Motorola still can't develop full circular display? What kind of tech are they using? What so hard to make a circular display? See you at IFA Motorola. If they even go there.

  • Anonymous

i newer felt like it should be full circular display, it works well with flat tire and on any day ill go for ambient sensor. the best thing is android wear notification it blends well with moto 360 flat tire.

  • Ken

Would be hilarious if Moto was trolling us with its flat tire screen. I can see the presentation now a large watch face in the picture then someone goes up and peels the black section off to unveil a perfectly round screen.

That or moto is dumb....

  • Eske Rahn

No way Motorola is going to do the same error twice!
It is simply too incredible that they well make another flat tyre device....