Android M to be named Marshmallow, Googlers Nat and Lo suggest

15 August, 2015

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  • Alcapinky

well i dont like marshmallows, so i prefer milkshake, however lets what will be the big suprise, BTW m&m`s sounds good like someone say, same as kit kat

  • dmg1

I would say ME..

  • Anonymous


I would say M&M or Milky-way

  • Anonymous


  • mhsn7

Just like L from last year teaser, I am pretty sure M will not gonna be one of these names.

milkshake really sounds cool... Android Milkshake ;)

  • AnonD-84571

As it is obvious, the name must definitely be M&M.
Logic behind it:
1- business (what they did with KitKat)
2- We still waiting to see smart beans in smart I phones ;)
3- The name comes from a global title and easy to adopt.

  • AnonD-286474


  • Anonymous

No it's gonna be marshmallow cause in the end the guy is spraying a marshmallow with feet

  • M

it should be: M&M (like KitKat)

  • AnonD-38518

Nestle said it will be Mucilon, but the best suggestion is #MailNudes


IDK what you people keep crying about.. There is no memory leak in my moto g or in my one friends note 4..

  • AnonD-190634


  • Anonymous

M for Memory Leak. Lol

  • Naveen


  • Rcl4444


  • Anonymous

Marshmallow is our top bet. Muffin is much more familiar to the whole world community traditionally. Android Marshmallow 5.2 coming soon. Much easier to paint the android white anyway.