Windows 10 installations exceed 50M, new cumulative update is out

15 August, 2015
A little over two weeks after the official launch of Windows 10, the number of installations of the new OS has passed the 50 million mark.

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  • dip[u

banda system

  • jimmy99

I imagine Nadella petting his cat in his lap somewhere in a dark room and saying: "Yes, yes, 50 more million people we can spy on - muhahaha - MUAHAHAHA!"

  • AnonD-428658

Anonymous, 17 Aug 201516GB RAM unheard of?? Really?? I just upgraded my secon... moreAgreed! I have 16GB of RAM for a year and a half and my hardware isn't on the enthusiast level. Also lots of professionals use 16GB+ of ram since is really usefull for their tools as AutoCAD or Video Editing software.

If anything you are a right 8GB is the mainline this days, for mid-range rigs, 16 for good gaming rigs and professionals workstations, 32 for enthusiasts

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2015You are not normal. Most people i know have 4gb ram lol. 8g... more16GB RAM unheard of?? Really??

I just upgraded my second desktops RAM (quasi server) from 8GB to 16GB Qumox RAM for the grand total of AU$130... it is nearly 4 years old. I'm keeping it on windows 7 so i don't lose Windows Media Center for TV.

Desktop computers with 8GB RAM are a mid range PC at best.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-13684, 17 Aug 2015Wow 50million users upgraded... And here I am... still wait... moreI just had mine updated this morning. It has long been downloaded on my laptop but I just bothered to do the upgrade today. Haven't tried it yet though.

  • AnonD-77443

ithehappy, 16 Aug 2015Micro$oft plan worked well. But lots of people doesn't real... moreYou need to get your facts right.

The story about Microsoft disabling pirated programs is false; the agreement in question only pertains to services provided to you directly from Microsoft, and does not apply to Windows 10. This means that while the company can block your access to services such as Bing or Xbox Live, it cannot remotely disable a copy of a third-party software installed on.

In relation to sharing wireless details, just turn it off as most people do.

  • AnonD-77443

Windows 8 was terrible (it felt like 2 separate OS with full screen metro), 8.1 wasn't as bad but not great.

I have been on Windows 10 for over a week and its AWESOME. I had a minor issue with the new calculator and sending emails from outlook (google solutions fixed them) but these problems didn't occur on my laptop. Highly recommended for users of XP through to 8.1.

My main issue is not being able to save files to C: Drive without turning off UAC in the registry (was the same problem for 8 also i think). This disables edge browser and functions in the Microsoft store but i use google so it isn't an issue for me.

I feel that Windows is trying to launch windows as subscription software down the track (hence trying to get a lot of users on board) but we will wait and see.

  • AnonD-13684

Wow 50million users upgraded... And here I am... still waiting for my PC's windows 10 upgrade.

  • Anonymous

olddog, 16 Aug 2015tried to upgrade from 8.1 to 10. Looked okay at first downl... moreGo figure?!

  • Anonymous

Already upgrade to Windows 10, it's awesome...

  • Windows10 sucks ass.

Just "upgraded" back to windows 8.1 from 10.

Was a tedious process, but worth the effort IMO.

I did it and I'm glad.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246216, 16 Aug 2015I've just bought the new macbook air. And I won't be coming... moremac book air?.LOL and you say windows is weaker than a Mac.i think you deserve a sitcom my friend.

  • ithehappy

Micro$oft plan worked well. But lots of people doesn't realize that windows 10 is a privacy nightmare. micro$oft now has complete access to your hardware and data. they can even remotely disable any software that they suspect is counterfeit. There is a good article at arstechnica about the privacy issues in windows 10. I, will stick with win 7 until it die out.

  • olddog

tried to upgrade from 8.1 to 10. Looked okay at first downloading but encountered a "loop" in final page startup - screen shuttering constantly - had to get help to restore 8.1 to my computer as computer help store could not repair loop. Go figure.
My wife who was running 7 had no trouble in downloading to 10. Go figure??

  • Charly

Windows 10 is awesome. Really improved experience as a user. I work with photography software, like Ps and Lr, it just flows much better than before.

  • Anonymous

I think Microsoft 10 is not all that bad....hopefully with more updates the software will become more stable

  • Prish

AnonD-58234, 16 Aug 2015i m not jelous on indian..i just talked about the work doi... morei dont need to replay those 99% comment beacause those 99% are still ZERO & have no power to chanage anything of MS concept & abt you are you that much talented to criticize MS

  • envy165

Have microsoft solved homing issue...???

Smuti, 16 Aug 2015Still can't get WiFi to work on 3 laptops, so the only opti... moreIs it Atheros? They didn't have drivers for Windows 10 so far.

AnonD-58234, 16 Aug 2015i m not jelous on indian..i just talked about the work doi... moreI think you should stop ranting about Microsoft.

Move on, dude.