Oukitel U6 won't use Helio X20 chipset after all, price revealed

17 August, 2015
Instead of the powerful 10-core processor, you get four run of the mill Cortex-A53 cores. At least it's priced lower than the YotaPhone 2.

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  • U6 5G

Since 2007, Yota Phone 2 is still available.

  • AnonD

These are new brands: Elephone, Ulefone, Umi, Zeaplus, ZUK, Doogee, THL, MyPhone, CPA, Cubot, AGM, Oukitel & more.

  • U6 5G

AnonD-361506, 17 Aug 2015Another Chinese iPhone copyThis is an iPhone.

  • Jay

Not Samusng again!

  • AnonD-95812

Tina Chen, 18 Aug 2015Does iPhone also have dual screen phone? IEhhhh,...who gives a shit??? Keep this phone with what,..6 months updating services???
When you will not copy and paste everything,....then you can talk!!!!cheers!!!!

  • Tina Chen

AnonD-361506, 17 Aug 2015Another Chinese iPhone copyDoes iPhone also have dual screen phone? I

  • Daniel

Man i grow tired of this new "awesome" phone brands noone actually heard about. 5 top brands in Europe are Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and Nokia... most of other brands come from Chinese manufacturers and not even 10% of those will be available here.

  • AnonD-361506

Another Chinese iPhone copy

  • nick

I was hoping that it would be using the Helio X20 chipset. But will see what it brings when its confirmed.