Huawei announces Honor 7i in China

20 August, 2015
The phone has a rotating camera module that can face forward to take self portraits.

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  • AnonD-357526

i wish next honor 7 comes with a simple design , feels more flagship not cheap like this..

  • Sasa

sayyad, 21 Aug 2015he he he gionee also did itGionee, Huawei, Oppo all are chinese company. They share everything unlike Apple. Rotating camera is more efficient and easier to install. When it is broken, it is much easier to fix too since it is on the external side of the phone body.

  • sayyad

he he he gionee also did it

hi, competition is heating up so so rapidly and manufacturers are designing, creating one of the most head swinging ideas that they claim it would be a hit on every consumers perspective, good luck HUAWEI!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-377325, 20 Aug 2015Why not just put 13 mp camera on front and back like htc de... morewell, dont you think the price of two 13 megapixel cameras would be more than just one?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-431937, 21 Aug 2015616 snapdragon is really a question mark Why doesnt huawei... moreI read somewhere that Huawei chipset weren't so good. Better than LG chipset but no better than Snapdragon or Exynos. The site that I read said only Apple and Samsung is good at chipset.

  • AnonD-431937

616 snapdragon is really a question mark
Why doesnt huawei uses its own chipset despite getting a pretty good score for it, performance was far better than exynos 7420.
Honor 7 has much better hardware and specs than this

  • Anonymous

I would have preferred their own kirin chipsets.

  • AnonD-377325

Why not just put 13 mp camera on front and back like htc desire eye

  • Anonymous

Looks like a upskirt photo phone for perverts. Other than that the specs look really good

  • Deepak

Good..but sony bsi camera..dat suck...


Yes seems to be a very good phone.snapdragon 616 a bit question mark on it.

  • AnonD-44232

And the odd thing is, Huawei does't adopt its' own chipset.

  • me

SDKforLumia, 20 Aug 2015Well, Oppo already did it.yeah..with motor

  • Anonymous

Wow! So much interesting. Well come to Cambodia, Honor 7i.

  • Anonymous

This is my opinion. Its innovate from the Oppo N1 and Oppo N3 concept in a better way. The idea of unremovable 3000mah battery on a glass back might not satisfied many user. I have to say the fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone is genius. Overall, waiting for a full review on it.

  • AnonD-421164

Never knew that a Snapdragon 616 existed.

  • AnonD-431705

I CANT WAIT for this to come in India!! Please be below 18k INR

  • SDKforLumia

paulusb, 20 Aug 2015Very old school Nokia like... This is what Android needs, a... moreWell, Oppo already did it.

  • Anonymous

Really interesting phone, can't wait to read it's review.