Sony Xperia Z5 Compact promotional image allegedly leaks

20 August, 2015
The upcoming smaller flagship from the Japanese company has so far been seen only together with the Z5.

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  • AnonD-76172

The Z5C will be the only interesting phone that comes out this year and probably next, or at least until its successor. The Z3C remains the best phone on the market today still!

  • Anonymous

Why Z5 when is not a z4 ??

  • Anonymous

I wish Sony had a better camera flash. That pathetic little single tiny LED they always use is hopeless! I'm sorry, every other manufacturer has a better camera flash than Sony in their high end phones!I'm disappointed to see it will be the same in the z5.

  • AnonD-183089

Well sony still stuck with the same designs during the last three years! but it seems that the change in only the power button which will include a finger print