Second gen Moto 360 shows up in Sweden, price and launch date revealed

24 August, 2015
The new Motorola smartwatch is closing in, online shops have already started listing the second generation, both sizes too. One is a 46.5mm (essentially the same as the current model). Size hasn’t been listed for the other one, but since it's cheaper we can assume it's smaller.

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  • Yogi
  • A@E
  • 29 Aug 2015

Should be taken with a bathtub of salt...have dealt with Liontech a lot and they are extremely unreliable with dates.

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    • Moto lug
    • 9yc
    • 26 Aug 2015

    Looks much better with the lugs

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      • Anonymous
      • H5y
      • 25 Aug 2015

      Totally agree, the lugs on this new device makes the watch look like the run of the mill SM. The design of the first edition was and still is the best looking smart watch on the market. There was me thinking that Motorola were the shepherd of the SM world and now they have become one of the sheep.

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        • Legacy
        • 7JH
        • 25 Aug 2015

        Gibby, 25 Aug 2015I third those sentiments What's going on? Did they acciden... moreI Honestly Like the lugs. Makes it seem less bulky IMO

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          • Gibby
          • Ixj
          • 25 Aug 2015

          Anonymous, 25 Aug 2015Agreed on the lugs. Moto totally nailed the design with the... moreI third those sentiments
          What's going on? Did they accidentally release the models in the wrong order backwards?
          Other than the mentally defective, who in their right mind is going to be happy to downgrade to an uglier device?
          Did they not learn from HTC.
          You have to maintain the innovation in the tech industry - in ALL departments - including aesthetics.
          It's the reason Sony's struggling - not just hope you can rely on loyal customers spending their money on your products for spec upgrades.

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            • Anonymous
            • nC6
            • 25 Aug 2015

            ansh, 25 Aug 2015why have they added lugs ??? it's the biggest turn off. the... moreAgreed on the lugs. Moto totally nailed the design with the first watch. Minimalist, and geometric. The lugs totally destroy this aesthetic and bring it's perceived 'value' down a lot. Seems much cheaper now.

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              • AnonD-152638
              • mhB
              • 25 Aug 2015

              No, the original Moto 360 is about half of that, including swedish sales tax (of 25%).

              So yes if you compare prices with other countries, you do have to take the swedish sales tax in to the equation.
              But that is not exclusive to electronics.

              US prices are generally lower than European prices.

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                • ansh
                • tUY
                • 25 Aug 2015

                why have they added lugs ??? it's the biggest turn off. the previous design was sleek , classy and 007 type. But this one looks like a "watch" rather cheap watch. you could do better moto. why ????

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                  • Iman
                  • miQ
                  • 25 Aug 2015

                  which online stores?

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                    • Gadgety
                    • 0uI
                    • 24 Aug 2015

                    "That sounds pricy, but it's basically how much the current Motorola watch costs"

                    No it's not. The current one with leather wristband is half price. The lowest listed price is USD 330 excluding sales tax. The price, including sales tax, is 50 dollars lower than the 38mm Apple Sports Watch in Sweden, and 60 above the LG Watch Urbane.

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                      • Nexus 5
                      • spf
                      • 24 Aug 2015

                      no flat tire, as small as it can get, no ambient light sensor. i'd like my watch to dim automatically than having a perfect round display...

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                        • AnonD-384557
                        • y2R
                        • 24 Aug 2015

                        flat tire design, AGAIN
                        moto didn't learn anything from 1st gen

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                          • AnonD-433249
                          • 4HP
                          • 24 Aug 2015

                          If it still has the flat-tire design then I will just keep my first gen 360. That is disappointing! Other round smart-watches don't have the flat tire. I guess I will get the Huawei watch...

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                            • AnonD-433223
                            • xu2
                            • 24 Aug 2015

                            I like it, but not the flat tire. Still like the Huawei one better. Now if this somehow has NFC and we just haven't heard that yet...maybe I'd think about it.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • HjB
                              • 24 Aug 2015

                              Vaio Agent, 24 Aug 2015........ outdated look? still prefer 1st gen Moto 360Moto 360. Turn around 360 degree and back to the old design. Next time I want a Moto 180.

                                ........ outdated look? still prefer 1st gen Moto 360