Bang & Olufsen Serene announced

06 Oct, 2005
Bang & Olufsen in cooperation with Samsung Electronics announced today a unique mobile phone called Serene. The luxury device has a minimalistic design and is dedicated to one prime...

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  • Dave

I'm in Australia and just bought the Serene amongst all the iPhone 3G hype. I own an iPod and a MacBook Pro so even though the iPhone is cool I don't need it. The Serene is definitely a designer phone. It's not intentioned to compete with the current range of cheap plastic phones on the market so while some people may question it's price tag compared to it's features the best I can say is it is like choosing to buy your jeans from K-Mart or D&G, they're still jeans but quality, craftsmanship and style is the difference between the two. The round dial is a breeze to use for both navigating the menu and sending text messages. It takes a little getting use to, but within a day I had it down pat. Sound quality is amazing! I have never used a mobile phone that is so crystal clear and with great reception (but then it is Bang & Olufsen). Bluetooth set up was no issue with my Mac pairing within seconds and setting up SMS and MMS was a breeze because the Serene already has it within it's software for each mobile network, all I had to do was select which one I am using in the settings menu and click activate. The Serene is light weight and compact so carrying it around in my pocket or in my hand is a pleasure. The casing has a velvety smooth finish that is truly unique and is scratch proof as is the tempered glass screen. The Serene is a phone that states "I am successful and refuse to blend in with the crowd". Owning one is a pleasure. You get what you pay for and I certainly did with my Serene.

  • Andrew

I have just got my hands on one of these. It's really cool. Not as fully featured as other phones on the market but who cares!? its the best looking mobile in my opinion. No problems with it either.

  • Anonymous

but it does not have speeddail!!

  • Anonymous

I have unconfirmed reports that this phone will not be supported by the networks in Australia. disappointing if true.

  • Anonymous

1100 euro seems a little bit expensive for the features.