Dutch iPhone 6s and 6s Plus prices leaked, still the same

28 August, 2015
Hardly a surprise - the new models will go for as much as the old models cost now. Apple doesn't change prices. Same goes for storage and color options apparently.

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  • Pasindu00

That`s not very expensive

AnonD-411799, 28 Aug 2015so buy the lowest low end devices.U dont get what I mean. They use memory to get more money. Its not like real cost are like that, not to mention top spec phone with almost none memory left is the same as trash, worse than low-end. I would sure chose lowend, but I do not need because there are midrange and hiend phones, that do not need to play pay-for-more-memory game.

  • AnonD-347233

4k recording yet 16 gb not buying

  • AnonD-367390

AnonD-53686, 28 Aug 2015Even if it comes with 8 GB of storage. People will buy it like c... morewell said bro

  • Anonymous

AnonD-53686, 28 Aug 2015Even if it comes with 8 GB of storage. People will buy it like c... morePeople is not has stupid as you think

  • AnonD-53686

Even if it comes with 8 GB of storage. People will buy it like crazy.....in fact the person writing this article will be one of the first to buy. So stop complaining.

  • dre

Guys so logically don't get the 16gb...64gb is a must ...or go for Android..Apple is making people spend more!!!

  • AnonD-411799

vrvly, 28 Aug 2015I wonder whats more stupid: to not release phone with (/with mor... moreso buy the lowest low end devices.

  • Peter Brl

In this time 16GB of memory is not enough. Minimum No.32.
Why Apple use 16GB in New Products. If Apple watch the customer can be given 64GB memory start underline .

  • AnonD-397942

Cheap phone and low storage with high price.Apple just want money only,that's all

  • Anonymous

And still the software would take around half of the 16G memory from the phone.Talk about free space.

I wonder whats more stupid: to not release phone with (/with more than) 128GB, or to release phone with 16GB. This is no longer a joke, must be very pricy memory to release still 16GB.
Even lowest low-end got more.

  • No Fan Boy...!

16GB model is a joke...!
And if Apple added 4K video recording to iPhone 6S , its pointless to buy 16GB version...!

  • AnonD-80894

Base Model of iphone should have 32GB at that price, because it's a so called high end phone with 4K recording, people who buy phone at that price generally use it a lot for videos/gaming, so 16GB is not enough. No other phone near that price point even at $200 less price than iphone has 16GB
Now dont give me the lame excuse that people should transfer data to laptop or cloud.

  • AnonD-7433

Anonymous, 28 Aug 201532 GB Base model you expect ?????????? what ??? 2 min. 4k video?... moreIt's exactly because of people like you that Apple have been so successful in maintaining their overpricing strategy and that they have always managed to have the highest profit margin amongst all phone companies. You blind fanatic fans have always justified their greed. That is why instead of having 32GB as base model since last year or at least now for that same price, you instead will have it next year or two years from now. And instead of having 4K rec and 12MP camera since two years ago, you're all have yet to have them in your precious phones, and that you're gonna have to buy the latest models to have those features because your phones now don't have them. Congrats! You are a really good supporter of Apple. I believe Apple have been so grateful for people like you. And that is why you are all called sheep by fans of other brands.

[deleted post]yes the answer here is you are a noob.

  • AnonD-202928

I wonder if the mommy who is recording a video in 4K with the 16 GB iPhone 6s of her children playing and a moment later, she runs out of storage

  • AnonD-431738

[deleted post]September 9th 2015

  • AnonD-431738

[deleted post]No Kathy the new iphone is not yet launched.

Pls wait for the big day September 9th.....

September 11th Pre Order Begins.


  • Nigel

I dont think so Apple will come up with 4K video for that iPhone will require additional storage. I think they will stick with 1080p this would be more then enough. An Upgrade on Camera and RAM would kill it. Lets see what they have got in the event.