Android 5.1.1 seeding for European Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F)

29 August, 2015
Meanwhile, Lollipop has been cancelled altogether for the Galaxy Note 8.0 due to hardware limitations.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-416860, 30 Aug 2015When update for a5 in india? November.

  • AnonD-416860

When update for a5 in india?

  • AnonD-210607

downloading it for my n910c note 4 from androidxda should have it on my phone by tomorrow ... didn't check today but hopefully root will not take long to arrive ..

AnonD-435049, 30 Aug 2015Exactly how I feel. Many times I keep wishing for the update but... moreThe problem with Android world is that Software and Hardware are separated out for all devices. For a controlled user experience, the only approach will be like that of closed eco-system like Apple otherwise, extremely close collaboration between OEM and Google something like Project Ara where OEM will be only responsible for parts not the sum of parts. Its very complicated for a fragmented Android eco-system with perfect upgrade paths!

  • Anonymous

Because their development still working on the new junk that released everyday

  • Latin lover

I hate touchwix

  • Fnatic.Kecik`Imba

See, many Shamesung users here are complaining about their products.

  • AnonD-435049

Josette, 29 Aug 2015I'm fairly certain that most Android users lack common sense. Wh... moreExactly how I feel. Many times I keep wishing for the update but then when it comes out I refuse it. I usually wait until I hear the complaints about it and then decide whether I want it or not - more times than not I don't. I basically just go by whether I like how the current OS is functioning or not ( if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality).

  • uzishanus

lg user, 29 Aug 2015sad reallity for sammy customers...well i think u should think a... morethen again i see no reason for ntfs.Well the only reason I was choosing samsung over others was the product quality/removable battery and features. I usually root my devices and sammy community is most active and cook great roms(so I don't have to cook one myself).The only reason I didn't root the note4 yet is because i was thinking of keeping the resale value(warranty and yada yada). software wise sammy really suck(as much as LG and htc) but hardware wise hats down to sammy

  • Fyi

Im using note 3 for 2 years and still waiting for 5.1 update. The battery life get even shorter after update 5.0 lollipop. The Xperia Z Ultra already received the newest update even though the phone is older than note 3. :(

  • Samsung_Sucks!

This is the reason why I am not buying Samsung products again, ever! Samsung is only good at raking money from its loyal customers. Samsung, you lost 1 loyal customer!

  • yemko

So far So bad No 5.1.1 for N910A devices till now!!! What did we do wrong Samsung?

  • derp!

Why can't they just release a update with the note 4 that changes some design on touch wiz at least. Because even though it's lollipop, it still reminds me of old kitkat with the icons!😡

  • Anonymous

Tondern, 29 Aug 2015I don't expect our Note 3's to go beyond Android 5.0 really.That's pretty sad. My Sony Z Ultra, which released several months before the Note 3, is getting 5.1.1 this week (already seeding for some it looks like). Samsung has really dropped the ball on updates.

  • AnonD-357853

We know why Note 8 is not recieving an update Samsung, and all Exynos 4412 devices, because you want to kill all S3 ROM ports.

  • lg user

uzishanus, 29 Aug 2015Dude do you live in the past? NTFS is only okayish for windows. ... moresad reallity for sammy customers...well i think u should think again before choosing any sammy device try with s may be if u are lucky 2 years update may happen.... but ...

i decided to protect the leaf village and become hokage.

  • uzishanus

AnonD-119666, 29 Aug 2015what update i want? support NTFS OTG. idiot samsungDude do you live in the past? NTFS is only okayish for windows. Ext4 which linux distros and android use is way better than any ntfs so please don't be one of those guys who would want a slow droid.


updated 3 days ago on sm-n910c .phone is very smooth and ram managment is way better than before,battery life is better,can get through a day with a usage of 6 hours ,2 hours more than android 5.0.1

  • Ruj_Ph

When is the update in the Philippines?SamsungPh.. Galaxy Note 4 user here

  • Anonymous

Can someone (who has received and installed the update) please elaborate on the features and bug fixes that we get with the 5.1.1 update and also about the battery status!