New leak reveals all three Xperia Z5 models in fresh photos

02 September, 2015
The Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact, and Z5 Premium are expected to be unveiled at IFA today.

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  • AnonD-425430

"Compact is said to sport a 4-inch 720p panel"???
I believe it would be 4.6 inches.

  • AnonD-435970

Wow its gonna be great trio after z1 trio

  • akvasu

With all the heating issues how could Sony have selected 810 again !!!

  • mark

snapdragon 810 is not bad at all i think, even exyno 7 overheats badly also

  • Ale

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2015All 3 models running Snapdragon 810... Burn!!!!!!!....LiterallyThe Z5 running a Snapdragon 810 is likley to have the same issues (more like fatal flaws really) that the Z3+ had.

The Z5c with a 720p disply might just get away with it (though the camera seems to be the real culprit as far as straining the Soc is concerned in Sony devices).

In both cases it may be that Sony has opted for the latest version of the 810, clocked it at a max of 1.8Ghz (like in the Oneplus Two which apparantly has the thermal issues under control). This along with further improvements / optimisation to the camera software may allow both devices to function fine with the 810.

If the rumours are true regarding the 'Premium' version and its ridiculous 4k screen, then I'm affraid no amount of under clocking or software optimisation may be enough, this thing will most likley literally cook itself.

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2015Don't judge the book by its cover. The flash might be the same s... moreYou might be right with the flash & the glass thing. However, SD810 for the 4K is still a no go for me. Unless, they have optimized (down clocked?) it somehow. 4K is too many pixels to draw for the 810 and the reviews have been not so good as we all know.

I love my Z3C with 720P by the way, it simply flies with that display. Not into pixel race yet.

  • Anonymous

ethereal, 02 Sep 2015Not impressed. Especially with SD810, that same tiny flash &... moreDon't judge the book by its cover. The flash might be the same size, but not necessarily the same brightness. Glass back isn't a bad thing, but from this leak, seems only the Z5 premium has a glass back. Z5 and Z5C have something else. And Snapdragon 810, I hope they managed to do something about it. I'm wondering how 810 is going to drive a 4K display wihtout melting the phone. And 808 can't handle QHD properly, let alone 4K. Intel is announcing new mobile chips, including Intel Xeon mobile, today. Perhaps the Z5 premium has that?

  • Ale

AnonD-38544, 02 Sep 20154 inches? O rly? Shouldn't it be 5 or 4,7?Yeah I highly doubt it'll be 4 inches. I think 4.6 or 4.7 is most likley.

Not impressed. Especially with SD810, that same tiny flash & the glass back. Was considering the Z5C otherwise. Currently having Z3C with not that great camera quality + cracked back glass. Can consider the iPhone 6S now... I love Xperia for their android skin though.

  • Anonymous

All 3 models running Snapdragon 810...


  • Drsteen

Why not 4K for the ultra, uhd for Z and 1920x1080 for the compact?? Would make a much nicer group.

  • AnonD-38544

4 inches? O rly? Shouldn't it be 5 or 4,7?

  • AnonD-222272

Yaaaaak.....ugly models....disputed body

If only they can give it a digitizer pen...

  • Anonymous

Tomorrow is the day!

  • flip

im so excited!