Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with world's first 4K screen unveiled

02 September, 2015
Sony left QHD flagships in the dust with the sharpest smartphone screen ever.

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  • ORParga

iNdrajith Ray, 09 Sep 20154K on a 5.5 inch Display? I think it's useless. FullHD is the ... moreYou're right. the only diference is in VR... and believe, It is a BIG diference

  • iNdrajith Ray

4K on a 5.5 inch Display?
I think it's useless.
FullHD is the perfect resolution for that screen size.
Even 2K will fit that size. I don't think you can see the difference between those two

  • Anonymous

AnonD-80082, 03 Sep 2015To all the Samsung, Apple and crap fanboys, I'll sum it up for y... moreVery Well Said. And in addition, I really don't see the need to bark and troll when it comes to the price. It's premium which means premium specs=premium price(common sense). To be fair, N5 and Edge variants are really worthy of the $900-$1000 price tag, just like what we can expect for the Z5P, but same price range for a phone w/ 8Mp ois cam/5.5"FHD/Fingerprint scanner? That phone must be the one to be called an overpriced one.

  • anu97awesome

mas39, 06 Sep 2015So this is it then, just 3 phones released by Sony for the Z5 se... moresee bro the chipset now being used is entirely a new version and it's a cooler chipset besides z5 premium has got cooling mechanism for 4k display so we cannot expect any throttling issues. keeping z5 premium asides both z5 and z5 compact got excellent benchmark scores so we can expect nothing less from z5 premium.

  • AnonD-363304

Samir , 04 Sep 2015How do you know the phone is slippery? How do you know it will ... morehaha. if they hire him... then sony will really sink..

  • Anonymous

This phone is absolutely not for everyone.
This is only for those who want stellar looks, best in class specs and superlative performamce, and to those of course who can pay for a premium product.

  • Anonymous

would rather have amoled than 4k and good DAC +amp

  • mas39

So this is it then, just 3 phones released by Sony for the Z5 series, very disappointing, no Z5 Ultra, looks like I shall have to wait for the Z6 series and hope they release a Z6 Ultra by mid 2016, 4K display and s820 chip and 6.4" in size. 5.5" is just way too small, it's a joke, come on Sony you could do a lot better. Let's also hope they release the 8" Z6 Tablet Compact, then I shall have a choice.

Is Sony dealing with Samy? They could have killed Note 5 but No...
810? 3GB? CAT6? WHY????

  • Anonymous

Sharpest smart phone screen,,, yes SONY!

  • AnonD-81610

I see Sony has stepped up his game.
It is now catering for everyone!
You have the Z5P with 4K display, Z5 for all of you that nag about how you're afraid that a 4K display will blow you away and the Z5C for those that don't like really big phones.
Z5P and Z5C actually have no competition and are in their own league.
Of course Sony is fully aware of that and therefore they jack up their prices. :/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2015Label it whatever car make you want. Such comparison may be unfa... moreAlready did, and it's just an analogy. Obviously they are totally different segments, but good Example to compare as leader on its market class! Get it???

  • Anonymous

Specs on Z5 Premuim are spectacular, ,, my Christmas present for 2015!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2015Sony's the Porsche of cell flagships Label it whatever car make you want. Such comparison may be unfair. Unlike cars in general, phones in general have a totally different depreciation. For so many phone brands that compete and models that gets duped/cloned (especially in underground/black markets), a company needs to maintain its competitiveness for it to survive in the market. I'm not surprised, phones' prices get reduced quicker than cars. It may sometimes only take them months

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246723, 03 Sep 2015c5 ultra ? cut all the bezel you wantAnd C5 Ultra doe not have a '6.44" or larger' screen size

  • Samir

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2015boxy slippery phone boring poor battery life useless 4k sc... moreHow do you know the phone is slippery? How do you know it will have a poor battery life? The is not even out yet. Keep your judgements to yourself till it is officially released. In my opinion, it has everything a perfect smartphone could ask for. Yes, it may not have an IR, or big bulky battery, but you can't ask for everything. Sony is an established company with high end products, they know what they're doing. If they didn't, they would've hired you.

  • Davood

mas39, 03 Sep 2015I'm still waiting for the Z5 Ultra, are Sony going to release an... moreMaybe you can call Z5 premium the same thing you want,the Z5 ultra, as simple as that

  • Anonymous

Sony's the Porsche of cell flagships

  • AnonD-218960

AnonD-259028, 03 Sep 2015When it come out i will might buy z3 That's a more reasonable choice than picking up this abomination of a phone. I think I'll do the same as you, kind sir *cheers

  • Anonymous

4k or go home, 03 Sep 20152k is just too pixelated (if that is a word) for me. I am so ann... moreThis guy have dragonfly eyes. How much pixel can you see with that thousands eyes?