Watch Sony's press conference live here

02 September, 2015
Sony is having a major press conference at IFA this year, the event is scheduled for today at 4PM local time.

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  • awen ezkiel

yeah your are right NOKIA LUMIA WINS as of now are down due to SONNY release a new high end camera .. but i do believe when the time NOKIA back in the industry of smartphone they will shock the people just like what they did they release first smartphone 41mgpxl camera... i know nokia something they preparing for sure.......

  • Hossein Ghatari

Sony make believe

  • AnonD-421503

i am a z3 user and if they resolved the heating problem i will buy one of these amazing phones for sure.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2015OMG such a boring presentation, glad I can do fast forwardSony = premium users!

  • Anonymous

OMG such a boring presentation, glad I can do fast forward

  • AnonD-1034

Z5premium + QX1 lens +dualshock controller..

Is enough to kill all entire mobile competitor out there!

  • AnonD-387177

Xperia z5 will rock the world. 7MP camera more than usual 16 MP cameras found in latest phones.

  • Anonymous

I noticed this sony guy really love saying AND

  • Pablo Emilio

Z5 rocks!

  • Anonymous

Is he wearing a new sony smartwatch?

  • AnonD-151913

I Love My Xperia Z2 so Good Luck SONY For New Z5 Series.

  • Blagster

They haven't changed the design. No design change, no change in sales.

  • AnonD-242099

Hope rumours come true ,waiting & excited to watch conference ..

  • AnonD-242099

awesome ,this is what expected from sony ,great job ,Xperia Z5 is going to rock

  • AnonD-362112

So far the Lumia wins hands down

  • CA

why the heck is the live stream late nearly 20 minutes???

watched the previous year ifa event when xperia z3 family and galaxy note 4 launched....excited.

  • Anonymous

US release?

  • Honey

Eagerly waiting for the sony xperia z5 compact. ...
As soon as fast......