New promotional videos offer a close-up overview of the Huawei Mate S and its features

02 September, 2015
The Huawei Mate S is now official and the Chinese OEM has truly outdone itself yet gain. Huawei's new high-end, premium course of development has really paid off, as evident by the Mate S - a true flagship offer, uncompromising in every way.

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  • Timmeh

looks like the htc m9 on the back.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, just chipset is very disappointing. It's essentially Snapdragon 610 equivalent.

  • AnonD-142922

Black will be nice

  • Anonymous

Who in Huawei thinks it's actually intuitive to do a knuckle touch for all the gestures!?
This is really silly!

They are looking more and more like Samsung in the past, trying to beat their competitors (Apple and Samsung this time) by overloading useless features and gestures.

Force touch is obviously copying and saying "first!"

  • Anonymous

This is perfect. Iphone killer. Hahaha.

  • Anonymous

All kirin chipsets have crap GPU and graphics performance, except future 940-950 series with mali t880...