Huawei Nexus and new LG Nexus to be unveiled on September 29

02 September, 2015
A new report comes to confirm the previously-rumored announcement date for the two new devices.

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  • saran

very nice

  • rimi

I hope Nexus 5 2015 should be dual sim....

  • car

Huawei nexus 6 will be 499 usd - 549 usd and lg nexus 5 will be 399 -449

  • AnonD-122065

Dual sim?

  • AnonD-429968

Key to success in Indian mobile market is that price. It should be below INR 25000.Please not more than $400.

  • Big Mommy

Big Daddy, 02 Sep 2015Now that is a one ugly slab.. Honey, here you need some eye treatment.

  • google

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2015please be under 400 dollars. That's exactly what made the nexus... moreyour wish has been noted. we thought about 500+, but we won't go against your wish.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2015please be under 400 dollars. That's exactly what made the nexus... more350 like the 2013 Nexus 5 and watch it go out of stock for months.
No Google Play store for devices here so I'll be waiting for the retailers to start selling it and then put my current N5 to the backup devices shelf along with all other Nexus phones (except the N6 which I don't have...because price).

  • AnonD-425430

What about new Nexus 8 tablet?

  • Anonymous

Abhishek_Jindal, 03 Sep 2015Looks like a fingerprint sensor on the back..Same thought here.

  • Anonymous

please be under 400 dollars. That's exactly what made the nexus 5 successful. Which was a stock android phone, with "decent" specs, at a excellent price. They tried to compete against the iphone6+ by lauching a crappy phablet that was full of glitches, costed 700 dollars and no one wanted it.

Pleeeeeeeease lg, please be a cheap phone.

  • waldy

So the HTC RE that passed accidentally through the document feeder of the photocopier at Huawei's office has just been found! Yippee!!

  • Abhishek_Jindal

Looks like a fingerprint sensor on the back..

  • yash

when it is available

  • Anonymous

I'm going to say that is not what the phone will look like. Huawei makes great devices I just don't see this coming from them. So I'm looking forward to the Huawei Nexus more soon then the LG Nexus.

  • AnonD-433226

The Huawei Multipla. Such an ugly device, how did this ever pass the evaluation testing?

  • AnonD-129510

Ugly, looks like cyclops... Such a big company, Can't they hire a better designer?

  • Anonymous

it looks like a shaver of some sort, although I am a really big fan of Huawei.

  • Anonymous

LG Nexus is the one, Huawei wants to get to the US market but using the SD810 they just sinked the ship before even departure.

  • AnonD-280781

Novage, 02 Sep 2015I love this design. terribly ugly. with a frame around the camera looks like a remote for the air conditioner. LG Nexus 5 nicer and Norman looks