LG G4 Pro/Note could be released on October 10

03 September, 2015
A new report from the company's native South Korea claims to shed light on this aspect.

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  • AnonD-7408

type-c usb please!

  • dimpho

lg mmm g4 goog or bad

  • raspberry gelatine

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2015Add a micro-sd and it will easily surpass the inferior samesung note.Add a dual micro-sd and it will easily surpass the inferior samesung note.

  • Anonymous

Add a micro-sd and it will easily surpass the inferior samesung note.

  • Anonymous

B1lt, 04 Sep 2015snapdragon 820? possible?It needs to have band 28

  • Anonymous

I need in upcoming LGG4 pro.
1.5.5 QHD screen
2. Metalik removable body.
3. Gorilla Glass 5
4. Battery 4000Mah
5. Price is below Rs.40000.

  • Jest

[deleted post]So which company makes good phones in your subjective opinion?

  • B1lt

snapdragon 820? possible?

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2015Lol the guy owns a G3 briefly and thinks he knows LG lol. Basing... moreYes, using a phone for about a month is more than enough to know the capability of LG. Besides G3 isn't the only one, I have had a Nexus 5 too.

Third class phones coming from a third class company, that's the fact with LG, get over it.

  • 9enerix

Looking forward for this phone...the G pro 4.

I have been using the G pro 2 for the past 2 years. It was a great experience. Even with the snap Dragon 800 and 3GB ram, it is still running smooth on Kit Kat....i actually like the G4 but it is marketed to fight the galaxy s6/ xperia z3/ htc one m9.

Besides that, i need a flagship that is future proof and awesome built quality.. So, all the best LG in producing a great phablet and definitely replace the aging G pro 2.

  • Anonymous

I thought it's rumored to have an S820 but whatever, I am flexible. S820 or not, with the plastic body, the only thing that could make my jaw drop now is if it gets a launch price either exactly the same or at most near the vanilla G4's launch price, which I doubt would happen

  • Anonymous

kakouille, 04 Sep 2015RIP lg sony z5 premium ..the processor is too weak for such a resolution. has to Laging and baging . do not rejoice too much, with such resolution and processor s810 has to heat as the burner of the stove. I bet it will be a great failure of Sony.gaming performance of z5 premium will worst..

  • Anonymous

Pictures are there on internet as LG V10. dual screen (seperated actually). 5.7inch (if you count them as one). Always on separated screen. Stereo speaker at top and bottom side. 16mp with dual led. 5mp f/1.9 with infrared light for iris scanner. The size is not too different with g flex2. Removable 3300mAh battery. Kevlar and ceramic back cover. Metal frame. Usb type-c. Stylus included. Fingerprint scanner. Ir remote on back. The prosesor is s810 or nuclun2.

  • Anonymous

im waiting for this i have seen the photos and its really beautiful phone

RIP lg

  • Anonymous

I'm not even a fan of samsung but I really hope they don't use "note" but that will be kinda funny thought if they name one of their phones after "note"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2015Yes, it will use the Snapdragon 810. The Snapdragon 820 will not... moreOh yes, you're looking forward to it, because SD810 is proven to be such a huge success...
Another fail from LG. A "pro" device is supposed to have a removable battery and sd card, BUT it also has to have a great battery life and it's not possible with SD810 (And the huge resolution LG keeps insisting on using). Not to mention it's supposed to be for heavy users, so overheating is just as much unacceptable.

  • a man from cheras

LG, no more curve screen please?

  • amar

As a customer, 03 Sep 2015I need sd removable battery 5.5 screen or 5.7 battery not less ... moreHope the S pen is a good size don't want to write with a tooth pick. Also like the idea of a powerful 3500 + battery as well as the removable back.
For all those reasons I would shift from Sony past I Phone and Samsung. nice that it has a stylish back with solid build, I like my phones to last 2 years and that they are a pleasure to use during that time with a good quality build. My Iphone G3 (that was a legion of a phone, by the way) I turn to it when screens break on other newer phones.

  • DogLipps

I was really looking foward to the LG G4 Pro/Note, but now I'm reading the only premium thing is the camera. I was anxiously anticipating the Note 5, but now I have given up on it. Too little storage options. If the LG G4 Pro/Note doesn't come through with some premium features, then I may try to obtain a Note 4 and purchase the Zerolemon battery case as I did for my Note 3. Why Samsung decided to downgrade the Note 5 features to opt for an iPhone look is beyond my comprehension. If only Samsung would surprise everybody with a late Note 5 128GB model.