Google Translate for Android works systemwide in Marshmallow

04 September, 2015
The Google Translate app for Android has a new trick up its sleeve, but for now it only works if you're running the Marshmallow Developer Preview. This will, however, become more widely available as the final release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow gets out and starts spreading.

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  • Anonymous

Ayumi, 08 Sep 2015How can we update kitkat to marshmallow?For now you can't do that. However, if you have a Nexus phone (probably only Nexus6 and Nexus9)then you can download Marshmallow beta which isn't yet completed.
For after the Marshmallow is on stable release then you have to see your phone on and see i they have made an unofficial Marshmallow Rom for you . (they could have already made a Lollipop Rom for your phone) but be aware that usually there is some bugs with these Roms and they wrote if there is any bugs and what are the bugs (like if the camera or NFC can't work properly).

  • Ayumi

How can we update kitkat to marshmallow?

  • AnonD-189020

They should also extend this functionality to dictionaries as well

  • Harmonica

ThunderCrackR, 05 Sep 2015There was an Xposed module which let you do that...Yeah. Welcome Android to 2013.

There was an Xposed module which let you do that...

  • X-7XG

Yes.. i need this feature. hope not only for Marshmallow

  • Anonymous

Translate should be built inside the OD rather than a stand alone app

  • Anonymous

Maybe this contextual selection would finally allow us some proper offline thesaurus and dictionary functionality on Android - an iOS feature that I deeply yearn for.

techlover1, 04 Sep 2015Really compliments to Google (translator ) thanks a lot &a... moreIf only it can translate well in the first place.

Really compliments to Google (translator ) thanks a lot & keep it up!!!